Dr. Yu on Magnetism for Regenerating Bone Tissue, Exotic Lightning on Jupiter, David Gornoski on Forgiving Enemies, the Christian Response to Cancel Culture

Our Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Weiping Yu, joins the show to comment on the outcome of a research involving silk scaffolds and magnetism that resulted in a new composite material useful for regenerating bone tissue. The physicist says that he predicted a long time ago which the research has now proved, that “magnetic stimulus exerts a positive effect on cell growth.” Dr. Yu also offers his insights on the claim that “‘silent’ black hole makes galaxy spawn torrent of stars” and the news of ‘exotic’ lightning being reported from Jupiter’s cloud tops.

Plus, David Gornoski goes through some of the latest news reports while urging the imitation of Jesus and forgiving those who would do us harm. What is the Christian response to Critical Theory, cancel culture, and the insistence that language is violence? How do we cut through the ideologies and grasp the sacredness of the human person? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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