Edie Darling on Being an Ambassador for Peace, Jim Bovard Updates on the Duncan Lemp Case

Motivational speaker, law enforcement officer, and author, Edie Darling joins David Gornoski to talk about her book and the George Floyd murder. Edie draws some fascinating insights from growing up in a segregated society. “What oppresses one group of people, oppresses all,” she says whilst challenging us to change our divisive way of thinking into concern for all. Also, James Bovard returns to update on the story regarding the police killing of Duncan Lemp. The prolific author highlights the media silence over the story and the government coverup of Lemp’s murder. “We don’t even know the race of Lemp’s killer,” Jim Bovard says, drawing comparisons to the media coverage of Lemp’s killing with that of George Floyd’s. Listen to the full episode for all of this and more!

Listen to the podcast below:

Visit Edie Darling’s website at ediedarling3isenough.com
Visit Jim Bovard’s website at jimbovard.com

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