The Failing State Priestly Class

David Gornoski returns with a brand new episode and he starts the show with a devastating critique of so-called journalists acting as the government’s informers to rat people out. David also comments on the mainstream media’s fawning over Jake Sullivan who is Biden’s pick for National Security Advisor. Why is the media conveniently ignoring the violent track records of Biden’s transition team? Why did a tyrant like Cuomo get an Emmy? How do we take our minds and bodies away from the cages of lies? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Meeting Goliath with the Truth

“We have to be mindful of the content we consume.” Join David Gornoski as he dissects and highlights how the new media–imitative of the old TV media–never seem to make you into a better person. How does the media obfuscate our moral responsibility? How does the media manipulate us into thinking that words are violence and actual violence is passé? “Barack Obama had the house and the senate,” David says, “but he didn’t do a thing for criminal justice reform.” How do we get people out of the hive mind of Big Tech-engineered hate and division? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Media Myths Losing Steam

David Gornoski continues his deconstruction of the media’s alliance with state institutions in manipulating the masses with scapegoating lies. David also comments on the New York Times’ admission that Trump was right in not wanting to close public schools. The good news is that the vast majority of folks are losing faith in the squawk box more and more, David says as he highlights how the media narrative is losing steam. Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski unearths the sacrificial altar of the corporate press and more.

Adam Ellwanger: Is Politics Pro-wrestling?

Is our democracy rigged just like a pro-wrestling match? Adam Ellwanger, professor of English at the University of Houston–Downtown and writer at Human Events, joins David Gornoski to expound on this matter where presidential elections can’t be fairly decided thanks to media bias. Ellwanger says that whereas pro-wrestling will subtly acknowledge our recognition that it is choreographed, the mainstream media will demand that we cheer for their designated “good guys.” How do we deprogramme ourselves from the performance art that is politics? Is the Left losing its cultural power?

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Ryan McMaken: The Naivety of Democracy

Ryan McMaken, editor at the Mises Institute, joins David Gornoski to talk about the claims of voter fraud, the neocon betrayal of Donald Trump, media manipulation, and other topics surrounding the presidential election. Why is the corporate media siding with the neocon establishment against Trump? Is it due to just lemming groupthink or is there a far more nihilistic agenda? McMaken says that the media’s stance is not just ideological but also due to laziness. “It’s much easier to get on a phone with a government official than to do actual investigative work.”

Welcome to the Wild West

“Welcome to the wild west of the media.” David Gornoski starts the show by urging an alliance with honest progressives to battle the neoliberal establishment and corporate fascists who are running our country into the ground. David cautions us not to take the words of the corporate press at face value while pointing out their anti-justice record when it comes to beating war drums for the state. Don’t depend on the media and the political establishment for advice on science, medicine, and nutrition, David says, and we shouldn’t listen to them for political news as well. Listen to the full episode for David’s epic takedown of the corporate media and more.

How Media Shapes Our Senses

How do we get out of the left-right paradigm? “We flip the narrative,” David Gornoski says as he explains that the answer lies in putting skin in the game and focusing on innovation. James Kourtides calls in to expand on this issue. Kourtides says that the work of Marshall McLuhan is paramount if we are to understand the media manipulation of our time. Also in this episode, Sir Owen returns to comment on the increasing tribalism in American society as well as the various interesting news headlines from around the world.

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The Cages Will No Longer Be Televised, Rep. Sabatini Shows Why Election Still in Play

The media will now try to convince you that their hallucination of Trump building cages for immigrants is one hundred percent right. This is more than an election, David Gornoski says, this is about the myth that the corporate press is formulating. Why are tyrants like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris paraded as role models by the media? Will this modern mythology take unanimous hold among the masses? Also in the show, Florida rep. Anthony Sabatini calls in to discuss the ongoing legal investigation into widespread voter fraud in Georgia and Pennsylvania, the media’s strategy of claiming victory for Biden, President Trump’s chances of winning, and more. Is the election still in play? Very much so, says Rep. Sabatini.

When These Things Begin

The media polls got it horribly wrong yet again! Why would anyone continue to listen to them? Why is there an unprecedented increase in voter turnout in Michigan? David Gornoski cautions us in heeding to the corporate fascism of Big Tech and the media. He highlights how universal healthcare will stamp out any chance of low-cost, non-toxic innovation in medicine. Join David Gornoski as breaks down the latest news surrounding this increasingly disputed election and more.

What the Presidential Election Means

David Gornoski continues his breakdown of this crazy, prolonged election. The host of A Neighbor’s Choice gets to the bottom of the mysterious ballots that were counted all in Biden’s favor in Michigan during the night. What can we conclude from seeing how the election is rolling out right before our eyes? “The biggest loser in this election, regardless of how you count the votes, is the corporate media.” This election has certainly laid bare the Pravda media’s unprecedented assault on the sense-making of America’s people. Why did Trump get more votes from black and Hispanic voters than any Republican since 1960? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.