Dr Yu on CERN New Particle Discovery - A Neighbor's Choice

Dr Yu on CERN New Particle Discovery - A Neighbor's ChoiceCall in at 727-587-1040.

Posted by David Gornoski on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Dr. Yu on CERN New Particle Discovery and DNA Teleportation, Jeff Deist on the Neverending Lockdowns

Dr. Weiping Yu is back with another segment of Science and U. The physicist offers his insights on LHCb’s discovery of a new class of particles. If every elementary particle has already been discovered, why are we still trying to discover new particles? Dr. Yu asks. How many types of particles are there? Plus, what does Dr. Yu think about Luc Montagnier’s idea of DNA teleportation?
Jeff Deist calls in to comment on the news surrounding the pandemic and the constant shifting in the opinions of health experts. The president of the Mises Institute also comments on the news that 32% of American households missed their July housing payments. Why are people largely indifferent to economic tampering that’s been going on? Is there a false sense of security? Listen to the full episode for exciting conversations on science, politics, economics, and more.

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