Craig Cesal on Fake Media Justice vs Real Justice

David Gornoski starts the hour by reacting to Kanye West’s latest election ad. He is then joined by Craig Cesal who was imprisoned for a nonviolent marijuana offense. Craig takes us through his experience from being imprisoned for a first-time offense–repairing trucks used to transport marijuana–to home confinement. What led to the use of marijuana becoming illegal in the United States? Craig points to history and highlights the astonishingly racist intention behind making marijuana illegal. How has President Trump impacted criminal justice reform as compared to Obama? Craig credits Trump for implementing the First Step Act that has greatly benefited non-violent prisoners. Why is there a correlation between being soft on violent crime and being tough on nonviolent crime? Listen to the full episode for David and Craig’s deconstruction of the media narrative that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are somehow liberators of victims.

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  1. Thomas Esser
    Thomas Esser says:

    David, this War on Drugs is far deeper then you are willing to look.
    Go and talk to Lee Camp at “Redacted Tonight” about how the CIA introduced drugs into the Universities to collapse the protests against Vietnam.
    Why JFK wanted to get rid of the CIA when he found out they used The Drug War to finance black Operations.
    Look into Operation Northwoods, The Mockingbird Project, etc. etc.
    Go to “The Corbett Report” for many good video’s on why we have had most things evil.
    “The Last American Vagabond” is a good site to study, as well as Jimmy Dore.

  2. Thomas Esser
    Thomas Esser says:

    David love your program, but here is something for you to ponder, I am reposting this, you might agree.

    America never was the new world. America had black slaves and stolen land to make its British Robber Barons rich, 4 million black slaves and Australia had the 3rd richest English Landed Gentry in the world because of stolen Land and Convict slave labor. Now we have Private Prisons which are just the modern version of the old Convict slave system in Australia. How Could America have possibly been the New World, it was shit from the start. watch these videos and you will see it was only ever CLASS and Eugenics. The only Idiots who could not see it was the English Idiotic Police Units in the South because they thought it was all about them, they got payed for rounding up runaway slaves and raping, murdering and mutilating them and the Landed Gentry eventually transferred the cost to the state and thats how the Police force was formed and their still doing the same garbage today for the Private Industrial Prison system.
    The 35th Annual Portier Lecture: “White Trash: The 400-Year History of Class in America”
    “The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality”.
    The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States (FULL Version) 3 good video’s on UTube.
    Watch and enjoy.

    The Bengal Famine and Winston Churchill | BadEmpanada

  3. Thomas Esser
    Thomas Esser says:

    All races and cultures have tried to suppress other Ism’s, with and by ism’s. Feminism is a cancel culture, male superiority can be classified as a cancel culture. Cancel culture by other means can be called “To Dominate” Power, The Power to control wealth creation processes to benefit you and/or your mutual admiration society can all be classified as cancel culture. Power of course comes in 3 basic forms. The Power of ONE, like some of the great leaders or not so great, yet powerful, dominant, aggressive, like Ghandi, Mandela, Hitler, Stalin etc. The Power of the Many, Armies/Nations, Lobby Groups, Cops, Unions etc. The Power of Money The most lethal is, The Power of the Combinations of all of the above. above all the cancel culture is all about using the power of the many to cancel out the Power of One, or other cancel cultures, like the Media. The Media has been Weaponized by the few to control the many. Yet it is a Power struggle between the have and have not’s, its as old as man. Cancel Culture is a means of exercising power, war is a means of exercising power, rape is exercising power. So the question is why do Humans have to exercise power, why do the Karen’s exercise power by calling Murdering Cops on blacks. Why does America invade, over throw, anyone it disagree’s with or anyone who does not want to hand over control of their resources. Who is the American Military really exercising its power for. Why do the Catholics use the Power of the Penis to cancel out others by numbers while insuring themselves an income and young victims to exercise power on. Obama and Bernie used The Power of the Many and small Donations to Cancel out the Power of the Corporations only to find out that once Presidential they were about as powerful as a Tee Pot unless their fighting wars, raping, pillaging and plundering as Empires do and must. Show me one Empire that hasn’t raped, pillaged and Plundered its way to Glory and i’ll show you a Bridge I’ve got that i can sell you. So why are humans so obsessed with power, domination. Could it have something to do with the fact that most women like powerful men, replacement Daddies, without really having a Spanking Daddy, so that she can imitate Mommy. Why did the Powerful get rid of Social Sciences, to hide the truth? How smart are we? Are we? What has Trump taught us. The stupidity of wealth, right. He has in a Bizarre way taught us that Wealth does not mean smart, it gives power to idiots, but not smarts. There are as many rich people who hate him for this revelation to the poor as there are those that are still blinded by the idea that Donald is POWERFUL, that he is in his RIGHTFUL place and they can be there too. Yes a broken clock is right twice a day and their are as many stupid rich people as their are smart once, but what is it about Power, why do we like POWER and why give POWER to stupids. Why do rapists like power, are we all rapists, but not of the physical kind, sexual. Can we and are we Raping Power away from others, are we just animals in a high tech world of fancy Dildo’s and High Tech Epstein Porn. Open your eyes, people. Talk less and see more.

  4. Thomas Esser
    Thomas Esser says:

    David, This is a post going back to why people get done for drugs.
    Everything is corruptible in America, look at Epstein, Clinton, your entire Congress and Pedophilia. Read or watch the video about the USS Liberty and you should get it, unless your in the club, your not in the Club. You have to separate Cops, Private jails and Poverty. While you have Private Prisons you will never see a change in Policing or anything else, thats why cops can’t be charged for murder because they need to be kept out of jails or their past arrest record catches up with them and so they will not feed the corrupt system of Prisons with the down trodden. Prison sentences is the one thing Cops Fear because thats where their Corrupt Past Catches up with them and so a Secret Pact was made with the Private Prison Operators, Corrupt Gov. Officials and the Cop Unions to insure they would remain free, always, in return for thuggery and Cop Unions funding Corrupt Politicians.. Their all part of a corrupt club feeding their self interests. Thats it, it is that simple, its all about slave labour and the Confederate past.


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