Willy Fort on California’s Nightmare

David Gornoski is joined by Willy Fort for a conversation on a post-pandemic California, whether Gavin Newsome has delivered on any of his promises, what the younger generation is interested in, the state of Hollywood, how Super Mario threatens Disney’s stranglehold, the loss of hope, and more.

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  1. JT
    JT says:

    People that don’t make
    a decent wage , that being the poverty cap is 17k a year , when it needs to be at least 20k 25k i make almost 40k and im poor , can’t afford to go see movies.
    But for Hopwood to alienate the only people that have the money to go see a movie is stupid .

    They side with the rebellious and Indigent.

    We all have choices , i have made some poor choices , but im not a bum.


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