THINGS HIDDEN 30: Rene Girard Converts Atheist Philosopher to Christianity

David Gornoski sits down with academic Leigh Fetter who discusses his journey from secular atheism to Christianity by discovering the works of Rene Girard. David and Leigh discuss a variety of topics such as the Christian undermining of ancient myths; the possibility of Orwellian totalitarianism; the Nietzschean problem of recreating values; how Girard provides a groundbreaking understanding of good and evil; “hyper-Christianity” in the modern world; the mythology of leftward progress; how Jesus continually flips scapegoating on its head; and more.

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  1. Brian Jobe
    Brian Jobe says:

    I’m enjoying this podcast very much, especially his take on Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. Where can I can find more work by Leigh Fetter? If a book or a website was mentioned, I missed it.


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