Seed Oil Survival: Tucker Goodrich, Brad Marshall Debate Oleic Acid, Olive Oil

David Gornoski moderates a debate between Tucker Goodrich and Brad Marshall on whether oleic acid should be consumed. Now that all the evidence points to seed oils being extremely damaging to our health, the question revolves around what’s the best alternative. Does olive oil consumption produce obesity? Does oleic acid make the toxicity of linoleic acid worse? What do the study papers really show? Listen to the full podcast as Tucker and Brad try to solve this contentious issue that hovers over not only the future of human nutrition but also how we interpret key food data.

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Brad’s website:
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Papers cited in this video:

The Plenish study with fat mice on MUFA:
Brad used the supplemental data from this paper for liver fat and for plenish vs. soybean oil:
Oleic acid upregulates hepatic lipogenesis (and D6D):
Rats, lipogenic enzymes and fatty liver:
Pigs and lipogenic enzymes:
Human risk from D6D and other desaturase enzymes:

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