How Seed Oils Cause IBS, Healthy Oils

David Gornoski is joined by the Seed Oil Disrespecter who talks about how seed oils came to be seen as a harmful food; the coming revolution of health; how seed oils cause IBS; healthy oils; why people have success with Keto; how seed oil avoidance can unite us politically and culturally; how we can defeat cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases; the science behind good memes; and more.

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  1. Bruno Crocco
    Bruno Crocco says:

    Hi David! Haha You mentioned my Intralipid tweet! Haha! Amazing! ALL CREDITS to Tucker Goodrich, the Guru! I’m just helping to spread the message!

    Ask him next time to talk more about how the body thinks that it is under an attack of a bacterial infection due the consumption of seed oils! This is an amazing finding!

    congrats for the amazing content of your channel! Cheers from Brazil!


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