Seed Oil Survival: Tucker Goodrich on the Seedy App, Carnivore Diet

In this segment of Seed Oil Survival, Tucker Goodrich calls in to talk about the upcoming Seedy app and how it will help consumers shop for seed oil-free products. Tucker also talks about whether the carnivore diet is a healthy option; the Ray Peat diet; linoleic acid and cancer; and more. Check out the Seedy […]

Science and U: Magnetism in Fusion, Obesity, and Cancer

Dr. Weiping Yu joins David Gornoski to talk about the latest development in the research surrounding nuclear fusion. Is the current approach the right approach to nuclear reaction? Can cancer be healed by using magnetic bacteria? Have we come across a revolutionary way to heal damaged cells? Listen to the full segment to find out.

Will Belarus Join the Ukraine War? Tucker Goodrich: Seed Oils Linked to Lung Cancer, Obesity, Menstrual Pain

Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this hour. Sir Owen returns to the show to comment on North Korea firing rockets again, Greta Thurnberg’s reversal on Germany’s nuclear energy, the possibility of Belarus joining the Russia-Ukraine war, and more. Also in the show, Tucker Goodrich joins David Gornoski to talk about what’s driving […]

Science and U: First James Webb Space Telescope Image Released

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.]  Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu comments on the high-resolution space image taken by the James Webb telescope, quantum messages sent by aliens, a claim of physicists stumbling upon a new elementary particle, new cancer treatment using magnetism, and more.

Seed Oils and the Government’s Nutrition Guidelines

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the 2nd hour.] Are the animals of the Ottawa protesters “racists”? Is inflation due to the Ukraine conflict as Biden would like us to believe? Join David Gornoski as he takes on the latest topics and news from around the nation. Also in the show, Tucker […]

Colon Cancer and Seed Oils

David Gornoski starts the episode by commenting on the online mob attack on Evangeline Lilly for her protest against the drug mandates. What did RFK Jr. say to make his wife lash out against him? Listen to the full episode to find out. Also in the show, Tucker Goodrich calls in to explain how colon […]

Is Olive Oil Good For You?

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by frequent guest Tucker Goodrich for an exciting conversation on diet and health. Is fiber necessary for good health? Is the Mediterranean diet overrated? Is olive oil a healthy alternative to seed oils? Why were our ancestors stronger and healthier than us? Is veganism a sustainable choice for […]

How Seed Oils Cause IBS, Healthy Oils

David Gornoski is joined by the Seed Oil Disrespecter who talks about how seed oils came to be seen as a harmful food; the coming revolution of health; how seed oils cause IBS; healthy oils; why people have success with Keto; how seed oil avoidance can unite us politically and culturally; how we can defeat […]

How Seed Oils Are Driving Cancer

Is there a causal relationship between cancer and seed oils? How do we explain the low rate of breast cancer in a country like Mongolia? What made cancer increase in Asian countries like Japan? Why does lung cancer in women keep increasing despite fewer women being smokers? Join David Gornoski and Tucker Goodrich as they […]

The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, Great Reset

In this episode, John Zmirak calls in to give us the latest updates in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Has this trial exposed the mainstream media as a scapegoating machine? Also in the show, David Gornoski is joined by Professor Michael Rectenwald who talks about prediction and planning of the Great Reset. Plus, Tucker Goodrich joins […]