Classic Interviews: David Bentley Hart On The Politics Of Jesus

In 2018, David Gornoski sat down with eminent theologian David Bentley Hart who had just released his translation of the New Testament. The two discussed and sparred over topics such as property rights, victimless crimes, jury nullification and socialism. Watch the video above to relive that interview.

Syndicated writer, radio host, and A Neighbor’s Choice founder David Gornoski speaks with eminent theologian and New Testament scholar Dr. David Bentley Hart. In this unedited discussion, they explore how to imitate Jesus in relation to voting, jury duty, and consent to state power. Hart takes a strong critique on what he calls the libertarian view of property and markets while finding large agreement on Gornoski’s critique of the violence of voting and the importance of jury nullification for Christian witness. Was Jesus a socialist? Would he find it appropriate to threaten nonviolent misfits and sinners with fines and imprisonment enforced by threat of deadly force? What is Jesus’s views on money and wealth? How do we share and achieve mercy and justice without maligning our faithfulness with the vulgarity of the state?

This is the beginning of a much-needed resurgence of discussion on the radical implications of following Jesus in relation to the modern state and market. Check out Dr. Hart’s recently released translation of the New Testament here:

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