Dr. Yu on Gamma-Ray Heartbeat, Black Holes, and UFOs, Jeff Deist on the DNC, Bannon’s Arrest

“Mysterious gamma-ray ‘heartbeat’ detected from cosmic gas cloud.” This is the recent headline running on science news outlets. What could this mean? Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu calls in to offer his startling insights on this story as well as the validity of black hole reports, astronomers spotting a space rock turning into a comet, and sightings of UFOs.
Also joining David is Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist to critique the DNC as well as their pro-war and divisive policies. Deist also provides some humorous commentary on the DNC’s anti-capitalist rhetoric. On the economic shutdowns and calls for more socialism, Deist remarks: “We’re actually sacrificing the young to the old.” Listen to the entire episode for all this and more.

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