Science and U: Black Holes Explored, Invisible Walls in Space

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Now that another picture of a black hole has emerged, will physicist Dr. Weiping Yu finally admit that black holes exist? What do we make of the mysterious invisible walls that have been discovered in outer space? Is there a better explanation for all […]

Science and U: Earth’s Closest Black Hole Isn’t a Black Hole

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the second hour.] A new discovery says the closest black hole to Earth isn’t a black hole at all! Join Dr. Weiping Yu for an exciting segment of Science and U where the physicist dismantles science myths and more. How do spiders fly and what can […]

Science and U: Seawater to Rice

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the second hour.] Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu returns with a brand new segment of Science and U. Dr. Yu comments on the news of space junk crashing into the moon, the existence of black holes, China’s plan to feed millions of people with seawater rice, and […]

Science and U: Gravity or Magnetism?

Do we need the concepts of “dark matter” and “black holes” to explain the fundamentals of the universe? Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu says there is a better and simpler way to explain the universe in this segment of Science and U. Listen to the full segment for this and more.

Science and U: Challenging the Foundation of Physics

The Andromeda galaxy is getting closer to us more and more every day. What could this mean? Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu returns with a brand new segment of Science and U. Dr. Yu offers his unique insights on the latest science news. What really holds the universe together? What is matter made up of? Is […]

Science and U: Does the Moon Have a Magnetic Field?

The chief science officer of A Neighbor’s Choice is back with Science and U. Dr. Weiping Yu comments on the news that a research team may have created the world’s first time crystal; the claim that the moon lacked a magnetic field for much of its history; the claim that scientists have spotted light behind […]

Science and U: Do Antibiotics Have Special Magnetic Properties?

Dr. Weiping Yu, the chief science advisor of A Neighbor’s Choice, returns with more Science and U. The physicist comments on the latest science news such as a new study claiming that the Earth tipped over on its side 84 million years ago and then righted itself; the discovery that Herbivore gut fungi produce unique […]

Science and U: Are We Living in a Simulation?

Dr. Weiping Yu is back with another segment of Science and U. On the claim that there is a fifty percent chance we’re living in a simulation, Dr. Yu remarks says, “there is a fundamental problem in quantum physics” and this is why such claims arise. What can better explain our universe if not quantum […]

Dr. Yu on Biggest Black Hole Collision, Rust on the Moon, Jeff Deist on CDC Takeover of Rent, Schools

Dr. Weiping Yu returns to the show to comment on the surprising news of two black holes colliding. Is there credible evidence that this collision took place? The physicist also comments on the discovery of Lunar Hematite, the finding that molecule found in bee venom can beat breast cancer, and more. Jeff Deist of the Mises […]

Dr. Yu on Gamma-Ray Heartbeat, Black Holes, and UFOs, Jeff Deist on the DNC, Bannon’s Arrest

“Mysterious gamma-ray ‘heartbeat’ detected from cosmic gas cloud.” This is the recent headline running on science news outlets. What could this mean? Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu calls in to offer his startling insights on this story as well as the validity of black hole reports, astronomers spotting a space rock turning into a comet, and […]