Classic Interviews: The John Baeza Files

Back in 2018, David Gornoski sat down with retired narcotics detective and Ron Paul’s head of security John Baeza. Watch the interview above.

David Gornoski:
In this powerful video interview, retired detective John Baeza shines a light on the darkness of our criminally unjust justice system. Before he was Ron Paul and Rand Paul’s head of security, John Baeza was a cop’s cop. Coming from a family tradition of public servants, Baeza started his career as a corrections officer in New York’s infamous Sing Sing prison. He later became an undercover narcotics detective in Manhattan during the height of the 80s crack craze. It was there that Baeza had a Road to Damascus experience: after almost losing his life in an undercover drug buy, he realized the futility of the drug war and all victimless crime laws. I sat down with Baeza, now retired from law enforcement, and an international private detective, author of multiple scholarly papers on serial crimes and forensic science, and an expert consultant on cases involving police procedure and potential misconduct, for one of the most harrowing stories I have encountered.

We will be giving a voice to all the hidden victims of our state violence-plagued culture. Their message will shake the walls of our dying sacrificial system. Support their voice by pledging a secure monthly contribution here:

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