Angela Yee and David Gornoski Talk Race and Justice in America

In light of the George Floyd murder and the civil unrest that has followed, how can we get past our differences and find solutions? “I think first there has to be an acknowledging of the problem,” says Angela Yee, “Some people say there’s no racism and white supremacy, no hierarchy, and that’s simply not true.”

David Gornoski, host of A Neighbor’s Choice, sits down with the Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee and together the two try to find common ground despite disagreements on issues like racial profiling and gun control. Can we move past a system that pits us against one another? Can we rally around the victim of unjust laws and bring much-needed compassion and true justice to our nation? Listen to the podcast to find out.

Listen to the podcast below:

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  1. Joe Nome
    Joe Nome says:

    I generally enjoy your Podcasts, but this one made me cringe. Yee is clearly racist against whites. You gave her softballs to agree that all races can be subjugated, and she denied anything negative can occur towards whites too (drug conviction case). She does not think for herself, but regurgitates talking points. She can see no good in Trump; thick confirmation bias. She sounds like she is very personally successful, which is great, and celebratory. But please, drop the chip on the shoulder.


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