Americans Betrayed Over Ukraine Bill

David Gornoski starts the show by commenting on the $40 billion in aid being sent to Ukraine at the expense of the average American. David is joined by Lavern Spicer, Founder and Executive Director of Curley’s House food bank, who highlights how the American people are being betrayed, especially those who are poor and deprived. What do we make of the Roe v. Wade leak and the reaction from pro-choice activists? What’s happening to the housing market?

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  1. James McElvoy
    James McElvoy says:

    i am a long time republican and i like your podcast but having someone like Lavern on doesnt help us. She is a low iq grifter who attacks other republicans consistently. I am sure she is a dem plant. Dont trust her. I have done a tiny bit of investigation and she is not someone to attach your wagon too. Felon husband, buying 150k in vehicles in the last year while making 23 k a year at her food pantry. This is one of the bad ones who will end up in big trouble. Trust Trump, not lavern.


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