Should Christians Be Voting For Pro-Choice Republicans? (Appearance on the Iron Disciples Podcast)

David Gornoski sits down at the Iron Disciples Podcast to discuss Trump and Kari Lake’s remarks on Arizona’s abortion ban. Are Republicans “pro-life” as they claim? Can the Church take back marriage from the state? How should politics and the Church interact? Why did God create the universe? Check out the Iron Disciples Podcast here.

THINGS HIDDEN 164: The Meaning of Anti-Colonialism and Abortion

In this THINGS HIDDEN conversation, David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta talk about the Left’s anti-colonial movement, the debate surrounding abortion, how Christianity protects children, the Right’s inconsistent approach towards affirming life, why the view of a vengeful Jesus is absurd, and more.

Tho Bishop on Why Unmarried Women Voted Overwhelmingly for Democrats

Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this segment.  Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins the show to comment on the fallout of the midterm in Florida; Arizona’s snail-like counting of votes; whether Blake Masters and Kari Lake can pull through; why unmarried women voted overwhelmingly for the Democrats; turning abortion into […]

The Democrat Normalization of Banana Republic

Skip past 30 minutes in the video for this segment. David Gornoski gives us a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes with regard to Blake Masters’ race in Arizona. Joining David to comment on the Florida wipeout is James Kourtides who highlights the Democrats’ soviet-style rule over their states and DC. How would […]

David Gornoski & Jason Jones Talk Midterms Fallout

Are we living up to the standard of being a shining hope of democracy to the world right now? Jason Jones joins the show to talk about the midterms, how the pro-life movement is shaping up right now, whether Democrats are getting frustrated with their elected leaders, DeSantis’ win in Florida, and more.

Remaking the Childhood of Other People’s Children

New York City has been ordered by court to reinstate all those fired over Covid vaccine mandates. Are we witnessing a shift in the fight against statist pseudoscience? Why are Democrats looking to make the issue of abortion the center of their debates? Listen to the full show to find out. Also in the show, […]

Apocalyptic Politics

Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this hour. Does the Cheney family get to determine whom we are allowed to vote for in this country? Will the new prime minister solve the UK’s growing list of problems? How much do we owe Donald Trump for the repealing of Roe v. Wade? Can economics […]

Daszak Gets Another Grant, The Failing Religion of McWokeism

The NIAID needs to be DEAD, David Gornoski says as he comments on Peter Daszak getting another grant to study bat coronaviruses. Also in the show, David comments on the disastrous opening of Bros, how our society is fighting back against fundamentalist Wokeism, how the anthropological gospel of imitating Jesus changes the world, and more.

Dissecting Putin’s Speech, Attack on Pro-Life Activist

What do we make of Putin’s recent speech against the “US hegemon?” Can America afford to be the policeman of the world anymore? Listen to the full show to find out. Plus, David Gornoski comments on Tucker Carlson’s interview with pro-life activist Mark Houck’s wife.

Nations Rage in the New Normal

David Gornoski gives his thoughts on the chaotic news stories that are increasingly confronting us these days. Why are pro-life activists being threatened by the state? Is Don Lemon correct in saying Hurricane Ian is due to climate change? What do we make of Newsome’s sanctuary for gender transitioning kids? Listen to the full show […]