THINGS HIDDEN 118: Death and the Two Servants

David Gornoski sits down with Shane Kennedy and Shannon Braswell for a discussion on the politicization of the FBI, whether whistleblowers are unpatriotic, why false flags exist, whether Jesus was a trickster god, what Peter’s action in Gethsemane signifies, what the fate of Judas represent, whether modern-day churches are keeping the scapegoat mechanism alive, and more.

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  1. Abby
    Abby says:

    Even if the logic of the ancients in sacrificing a lamb or such was that they were depriving themselves of a food source, it was still so wrong to kill and waste an innocent life — how could that possibly please the Creator of all life? Humans were absurdly deluded to believe that. What created that delusion? Had to be satan, the source of delusion.


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