THINGS HIDDEN 156: Up From Individualism with Jim Babka

In this fascinating THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski is joined by Jim Babka of Gracearchy podcast. The two discuss how Mimetic Theory overlaps with Christian Voluntarism; person vs. individual; the political hatred of Russia; whether America will love liberty again; how technological innovation creates more liberty; a Christian’s role in the marketplace; why the Drug […]

Jim Babka on How Christmas Breaks CIA Programming, Chris Bray on Twitter Files 7 & 8

Jim Babka, founder of Downsize DC, calls in to talk about both the peace and the sword that is brought on by Christmas. How do we analyze the drama of culture and politics without being sucked into its mimetic contagion? What are some of the things we can take away from the recent JFK disclosure? […]

Are the Bad Guys Winning? Jim Babka: Practicing Graceful Social Aikido

Skip past 45 minutes in the video for this hour. In this episode, James Kourtides joins David Gornoski to talk about the significance of censorship in the globalist empire, the fear of nuclear war, the rapid spreading of fear, the influence of Christianity, and more. Plus, Jim Babka, founder of Downsize DC, calls in to […]

Jim Babka on Jesus & Power, Scapegoats & Vampires

Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this episode. Jim Babka joins David Gornoski for a conversation on telling stories that highlight the victims of the state. Is Steve Bannon becoming a martyr for the Right? Is the new Right’s hunger for power compatible with Jesus’ teachings on power? Listen to the full show […]

Freeing Ourselves From Politics

“I talk about politics not because I like it but because, like cancer, we are looking to rid it from humanity.” David Gornoski is joined by Jim Babka of Downsize DC who calls in to talk about the media pivot from pandemic to Ukraine, how the stakes have been raised in the political sphere, the […]

Fauci and the Ideological Capture of Science

Jim Babka is joined by Max Borders, the author of the Social Singularity, who calls in to discuss the validity of the drug mandates; whether drug mandates are directed by ideology rather than scientific study; Fauci and the Wuhan lab leak; Moderna’s connection to the government; the scapegoating of the drug mandate rejectors; the targeting […]

The Truth Behind the World Wars, American Interventionism

In this episode, Jim Babka of Downsize DC guest hosts the show and he is joined by Perry Willis, contributor for the Zero Aggression Project. Jim and Perry talk about the bad aspects behind Veteran’s Day; whether any of the modern wars involving the US are justified; why many nations sided with the Soviet Union […]

The Southwest Airlines Strike, Labor Shortage

Jim Babka, the president of and a friend of the show, joins David Gornoski to talk about the Southwest Airlines strike, why young Americans are not going to work, the dominance of the market by crony capitalism; and more. Also in the show, James Kourtides of the Rooster’s Crow podcast calls in to talk […]

Jim Babka on the Battle Against Pandemic Scapegoating

The word “dictator” is trending worldwide. Why? David Gornoski starts the show by commenting on the faulty practices of state-submitted nutritional science, especially with regards to the harmful effects of vegetable and seed oils. Is Jimmy Kimmel trying to impress his Big Pharma sponsors with his latest remarks? Jim Babka, the President of, joins […]

Assessing the 2020 Political Landscape with Jim Babka

Jim Babka, President of, joins David Gornoski to talk about Biden choosing Kamala Harris as VP, the digital economy, and the role of the “remnant” in creating hope for liberty. Jim highlights how the opposition to Trump is the only unifying factor for the Democratic party at this point while pointing out that real change […]