Suspect Hiring Practices Revealed in Polk County School District

David Gornoski starts the episode by reporting on a shocking story around the hiring practices in Polk County’s School District. Joining David Gornoski to expand on this troubling news is political consultant and activist, Dr. James Dunn. Should bureaucracies be left without transparency while parents risk their children’s well-being?

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  1. Michelle Sharpe
    Michelle Sharpe says:

    I don’t know if you saw the response in the Lakeland ledger. The school board says they knew all about the controversy swirling around Heid and his district before he was hired by the school board. I find that to be an admission of Malpractice and dereliction of their duty to the Polk county tax payers. This is interesting to me that we have a school board that thought it was completely OK to hire a school superintendent from district 300 in Illinois that is full (during his tenure) of controversy involving child rape, child molestations, lawsuits, including one with his own principal as a defendant, who, btw, has now mysteriously ended up also employed by the Polk county school system. The ledger already has that covered for hide claiming without offering any substantiation that he had absolutely nothing to do with her being hired. Yeah right. He may not have interviewed her and signed off on the paperwork but don’t even try to think you’re gonna fool everybody with that BS. But instead of focusing on these serious issues, we are supposed to focus on somebody’s campaign manager who, is not running for public office, does not have access to public funds or our school children…..this is what they’re worried about? This is their focus? Somebody’s campaign manager who has no effect on the future of my children personally?? But the people now sitting on the school board are affecting the lives of my children. God forbid if they bring the Illinois mess down here which it looks like they have. We have a school board that does not understand what their job truly is or perhaps they don’t care. I heard that there were so many excellent candidates to choose from, and as a person with management and hiring experience, I would never even consider an employee with all this drama and baggage. It isn’t like they hired the head of environmental services from district 300. They hired the man in charge of it all, the superintendent. This all happened under his watch. It blows my mind that they admit that they knew about all this controversy before they hired him.!! Does the buck not stop with top management anymore? They almost act like he’s wasn’t associated with district 300 even though he was the superintendent. What a mess.


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