Dr. Yu on Biggest Black Hole Collision, Rust on the Moon, Jeff Deist on CDC Takeover of Rent, Schools

Dr. Weiping Yu returns to the show to comment on the surprising news of two black holes colliding. Is there credible evidence that this collision took place? The physicist also comments on the discovery of Lunar Hematite, the finding that molecule found in bee venom can beat breast cancer, and more.

Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute calls in to comment on the CDC sneaking in under COVID regulations to become America’s new landlord. What are the implications of this takeover? Deist says that they are certainly radical. Deist also offers his insights on the surveillance-like supervision in children’s education, pre-existing conditions in COVID deaths, societal depression under economic shutdowns, Andrew Cuomo’s policies, and more.

Our Country’s Search for Justice

David Gornoski comments on the latest news surrounding the shooting at Portland. Is it any coincidence that the shooter identified himself as “hundred percent Antifa?” In light of the Rand Paul incident, what valid argument can Marxism provide when it almost always resort to persecution and violence? The host of A Neighbor’s Choice also comments on the fading away of the old media journalism, authoritarianism under the guise of pandemic measures, medical hindrance in the form of patenting, the protecting of big corporations through regulatory powers, and more.

Back to School, Beating Corporate Communism

David Gornoski starts the episode by commenting on Chuck Schumer’s demand to open up schools. “Decadent banquets for a few government-linked corporatists, Communist scraps for the rest of us,” says David Gornoski as he describes the problem that our nation is facing right now with the superficiality of the media and the victim-garbed coercive policies of the Democrats. David also comments on Teen Vogue’s Marxist article for evicting landlords to fight against eviction. “Is the housing market rigged? Yes, but it is, precisely, because of government intervention.” Plus, the satanic temple claims that abortion is a protected religious ceremony, but David explains how that claim is a perversion of the sacredness of the human person. “Every life, born or unborn, is sacred and we should cherish that.”

Rebecca Bohman: Resources for New Homeschoolers

Rebecca Bohman, host of the Luminous Mind Podcast, calls in to discuss why homeschooling is a much better option for educating children as opposed to the indoctrination of public schools. Why are homeschoolers demonized by educational institutes such as Harvard? How do we discern what to teach and how to teach? Is it possible to educate children without coercion? Listen to the full episode for the answers and more.

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Corey DeAngelis: Time to Ban Private Schools?

Corey DeAngelis, Director of School Choice at Reason Foundation and Adjunct Scholar at Cato Institute, joins David Gornoski to discuss the news of teachers’ unions and the Democratic Socialists of America demanding a ban on private schools. Corey argues that the factory-model of public schools are failing in big ways while students in ‘micro-schools’ and homeschools are learning at an extraordinary rate. When families are choosing alternatives over government options, is this an example of McWokeism overplaying its hand? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Our Upcoming Scientific Renaissance

Nuclear scientist Dr. Max Zamilov returns to the show to talk about the next Galileo and Renaissance moments in history. Why is it that we are not interested in innovation anymore? Is everything already solved? Dr. Max says that the biggest problem is an outdated educational system that “grounds its student to a pulp” and has largely become irrelevant. Instead of having theories presented as dogma, Dr. Max says, we should encourage students to express their creativity. How can we allow for the creativity to start flowing again? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Kerry Baldwin Takes on Covid Tyranny

Kerry Baldwin, writer and founder of, joins David Gornoski to discuss the medical tyranny of using coercion during this pandemic. Are we handing over far too much to the government? Kerry points out how governments have always used crises to gain control over their people. Is it ethical to mandate wearing masks in high-density population areas such as New York? Kerry argues that the use of coercion actually deters people from taking voluntary action in caring for their neighbors. Is homeschooling a valid alternative for those under lockdowns? Can we understand the left’s symbolic obsession with Donald Trump? How do we break free from the politicization and polarization in our society? Listen to the full podcast to find out and more.

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What About Covid? - A Neighbor's Choice

What About Covid? - A Neighbor's ChoiceCall in at 727-587-1040.

Posted by David Gornoski on Thursday, July 2, 2020

What About Covid?

Host David Gornoski recaps how the media, hand-in-hand with government, is silencing voices of dissent and dividing the masses. “You can have thousands gathering in protests but you can’t have ten people gathering in a church!” David remarks as he highlights the double standards at play. But what happens when the economy is shattered and the average Joe is left with no means to make a living? The government’s solution, of course, is to print money out of thin air which further devalues our purchasing power. We have to have the courage to say that these experts got it wrong, just like they got nutrition and justice wrong. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

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Mark Sunwall: School and Medical Insights from Ivan Illich

David Gornoski examines how the Democrats, in their mimetic obsession over Trump, have revealed the insanity of the whole political enterprise. Plus, economist and anthropologist Mark Sunwall joins the show to talk about Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society and Good Samaritan analysis for the modern world. Sunwall thinks Illich, especially in his criticism of the education system, was ahead of the curve and should be heeded in these pandemic times marked with infringement of liberty by state institutions. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

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Blake Boles: Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids To School?

What do we do to make sure that future generations can think for themselves? How can we help teachers bring some creativity to the table? Blake Boles, author of ‘Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids To School?’, says that the answers lie in removing coercion from our education system. The discussion centers around the homeschooling movement, the history of the Sudbury Valleys Schools, the role of parents in education, his book, and more. Listen to the full episode for an in-depth conversation on education like no other!

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