Steve Hilton on the Origins of COVID-19

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by the host of Fox New’s The Next Revolution, Steve Hilton. Steve talks about his investigation of the COVID outbreak and answers important questions such as whether the virus originated in nature or at a lab at Wuhan. Why was this virus being developed? Why was the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis dismissed as a conspiracy theory by the corporate press? What is Fauci’s and Peter Daszak’s connection to this outbreak? Listen to the entire interview to find out and more.

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  1. Alice Lake
    Alice Lake says:

    Hi David! Ive been listening to your show for a few months now and I really appreciate your perspective and your skill as an interviewer. Great work man!
    The reason why the origin of the virus from wuhan lab is emerging as a mainstream consensus right now as this guy says is because this narrative will buy the crooks even more time while they continue to confuse and mislead us all down the wrong path.
    False answers often prelude searching for true causes.
    This is a scientific war so we got to get prepared on that front.
    As long as we continue to avoid the big questions, like
    What IS a virus? (Guy said its a living thing…look into that)
    How is a virus isolated?
    What does it mean that the genetic code of the virus was sequenced and published causing the lockdown of the world?
    Can PCR test be used to diagnose and base a statistic on? (Might wanna listen to the inventor of the PCR Karry Mullis on that one)
    the madness will go on and get worse.
    I understand that this is a very politically charged situation that we are dealing with here, but virology is suppose to be a science, based on scientific experiment which is an organized and detailed series of steps to validate or reject a hypothesis (instead of a dogma which you cant question, right?).
    The key issue with this alleged virus is that it has never been isolated, as in separated from everything else (other genetic material, particles, viruses, bacteria ext…), so we must find the courage to admit to ourselves that we actually dont know what the hell we are talking about, when we are talking about sarccov2 virus and the covid19 disease that it supposedly causes. If we really do want to understand the origin of the virus we have to go back to basics, instead of complicating and confusing the issue with minks, bats, caves… and China and politics….
    Often in a question there is the assumption that has to be questioned. Questioning whether the virus was leaked out of the wuhan lab or if its natural or manmade becomes rather meaningless when we have not distinguished and defined the specific thing (sarccov2 virus) that is in question.
    This Fox News guy is so full of crap….Im sorry I have to say it.
    Some of the things he said>
    “Geneticist FELT like it was not a naturally occurring virus, it FELT very different to anything they have seen in nature (optimised to be infectious)”
    Oh wow I didn’t know that geneticists analyse viruses by having feelings about them…Am I suppose to buy into that?
    “When the genetic code of the virus was first published…”
    Yeah, most sheeple are just gonna gobble that up uncritically and its a big problem that only a tiny fraction of the population can make any sense at all of the coded scientific language that is being used to justify lockdowns, masks, destruction of economy and all the rest of it. Fortunately for humanity there are individuals within that tiny group, who are trying to inform the rest of us that there are serious flaws in the way that genetic code gets sequenced plus many other factors which most people can’t really get their head around…I highly recommend to anybody to listen to Dr. Andrew Kaufman. ($/search?q=andrew%20kaufman YouTube censors him a lot but his channel there is still up) He does an amazing job of explaining some of the key issues about this “virus” that is ruining all of our lives and building a prison around us so its very important that we do investigate all the possibilities (even the WHO fella said so apparently). Kaufman is trying to explain not confuse like this fox guy.
    Im not a specialist or an expert of any kind, just a very concerned member of the public and I had to educate my self lately about biology, molecular biology, virology and many other things in order to be able to understand the situation a little bit better. It would be very easy for me to say, oh Im not a scientist, I can’t understand all this complex, technical language, people go to school for years and years to understand it so its hopeless for me…well once upon a time I read a book called “deschooling society“ by Ivan Illich (loved your interview with David Cayley a few months back btw.) and I learned something profound from his razor sharp, brilliant and so very relevant message. Medical nemesis is even more relevant and is a must read.
    I refuse to subjugate my intelligence that tells me that there is something really fishy here with this virus and except uncritically (which is a def of a dogma) all these esoteric procedures that these “experts” in white coats do behind closed doors in their little scientific world. I know its a FRAUD and I don’t need to know every code of their language to know that its a fraud. Just using my intelligence is enough. Being vigilant, being a critical thinker and a keen observer is good enough. And my God its been a year already! A whole year for us to SEE what is really going on.
    Another thing this fox guy said is
    “Way more infectious than any previously observed virus in nature by order of magnitude 14 15 times more infectious”
    So according to statistics from many epidemiologists from around the world and even the WHO itself, its actually not so dangerous cause the mortality rate in the past year was NOT HIGHER than previous years. LOOK IT UP! Don’t believe me but don’t believe this fox guy either. He is talking about it like the Ferguson prediction model still stands, even thou it was discredited a long time ago. He is LYING straight up! Seriously ask your self, if it was really so super contagious, like Black Plague or something, why haven’t millions of people died? Do you see people dropping like flies all around you?
    “96 % same genetic code as bat virus, 4% difference is exactly the part that was optimised to make airborne and more contagious.
    Everything points to the idea that work commissioned by Fauci to understand how we could make bat corona viruses more contagious so we can learn to fight them, that is in deed the origin of the pandemic virus, which somehow leaked accidentally”
    First of all, do NOT except his “pandemic virus” definition he keeps peddling. He keeps repeating it so that you ll get used to hearing it and get used to excepting it as reality. He is trying to put a spell on you, on your intelligence! Don’t allow him! Also you don’t have to be a genius to know, when someone (especially Fox News reporter) is SO confident to make a conclusion about something so incredibly complex as microbiology, they are FULL OF SHIT.
    He said he can’t prove it for sure 1 40 35
    “Anonymous experts”… convincing and convenient…Guess what, there are many experts and professionals who are coming out without hiding their identities and face cancel culture and even death threats in some cases to inform us about what is going on. I respect them for their courage and Im gonna listen to what they have to say, before I except some fox guy with his anonymous experts.
    “Chineese government allowed the virus to leak”….thats a nonsensical thing to say. How could a government “allow a virus to leak”? Really do ask your self this…
    “Fauci is highest payed federal employee, higher pay than president” you said that David, and that’s crazy. He is a major crook with a long history of criminal activity that killed A LOT of human beings. Again listen to Karry Mullis and what he said about Fauci. Oh man…this rabit hole goes so deep. Most people just don’t have the courage to see the magnitude of the corruption in our world. Speaking of courage, I wanna share this video this you about a few very courageous individuals, true patriots and amazing human beings who are standing up and refusing to submit to the mass enslavement currently happening. Speaking with them is a guy called Reiner Fuelmich. He started the corona investigation committee last summer in Germany and have been interviewing many many very competent people from all over the world, many whistleblowers (recently a lady from the WHO) who are coming together to expose this FRAUD and hold those responsible accountable. He is an amazing human being and what he and his team are doing right now is INCREDIBLY important. I hope you know about these people David.
    PS Also Id like to point out a very interesting debate, to my mind a historically significant occasion, where for the first time EVER there is a real public argument between 2 very competent people about whether a pathogenic contagious microorganism (a virus) has ever been isolated or not.—1ST-EVER-VIRUS-ISOLATION-DEBATE:b
    How strange it is that there is not more of these kinds of debates and even more strange that there is no world gathering public forum where as many competent people as possible can openly debate all sort of issues conserning this horrible terrible super hyper contagious virus that is sweeping the nations. I tell you why…because the crooks can only perpetuate their fraudulent criminal agenda in the dark (then you see the evil it ceases to have hold on you, remember) and they know that their narrative will not hold up for 5 minutes if its put to the testy of logic, reason and REAL HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.
    Ok…I will stop here…there’s so much more…its just the tip of the iceberg my friend.
    Covid is a litmus paper. It can show many many things to those who to know how to SEE.
    Sending you lots of good vibes from Portugal.


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