Seed Oil Survival: Dining Fearlessly With Seed Oil Scout

In this episode of Seed Oil Survival, David Gornoski sits down with Seed Oil Scout for a conversation on making an app for dodging seed oil products, bringing restaurants to awareness about seed oil damage, building a common alliance among different food factions, the mimetic reality of food, and more.

Check out Seed Oil Scout’s website here.

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  1. Billy madison
    Billy madison says:

    Almost everywhere I go gas station food place what not the person taking my order I always ask him hey do you know anybody with high blood pressure if they say yes or no it doesn’t matter I always say well there’s one thing you can cut out of your diet to lower your blood pressure in 2 days and that’s soybean oil seed oils palm oil sunflower oil stuff like that and then I try to always give them your website and then they go on there but they you know it’s hard to find so if maybe you can put a direct link to your great discussions and articles about seed oils on the front page. God bless


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