Are the Bad Guys Winning? Jim Babka: Practicing Graceful Social Aikido

Skip past 45 minutes in the video for this hour. In this episode, James Kourtides joins David Gornoski to talk about the significance of censorship in the globalist empire, the fear of nuclear war, the rapid spreading of fear, the influence of Christianity, and more. Plus, Jim Babka, founder of Downsize DC, calls in to […]

Steve Kirsch on New Vax Harm Data, Wilfred Reilly: What Are Conspiracy Theories?

David Gornoski is joined by Steve Kirsch, and they talk about evidence of vaccine harm, how the CDC is deliberately ignoring the safety signals from the COVID vax, the unscientific mindset behind vaccine mandates, whether there is any way to sue vaccine manufacturers, and more. Also in the show, Professor Wilfred Reilly calls in to […]

Daszak Gets Another Grant, The Failing Religion of McWokeism

The NIAID needs to be DEAD, David Gornoski says as he comments on Peter Daszak getting another grant to study bat coronaviruses. Also in the show, David comments on the disastrous opening of Bros, how our society is fighting back against fundamentalist Wokeism, how the anthropological gospel of imitating Jesus changes the world, and more.

Bringing Patriotism Back to School, Elon Musk Debates War with Zelenskyy

David Gornoski begins the show by highlighting why a friendly-friendly society must be cultivated in order to escape the social unrest of our time. David is joined by Australian-born conservative author Nick Adams for a discussion on why he became American, what makes America great, bringing patriotism back to school, and more. What did Elon […]