Where the Hatred of Boundaries Lead Us, James Kourtides on the End of the World

A Virginia Democrat says if you don’t support your trans child, you will be prosecuted. Elsewhere, parents tore into Encinitas Union School District Board after a proposal for a “family-friendly drag show.” Will activists now brand schizophrenia as a norm acceptable to society? David Gornoski asks. Plus, James Kourtides calls in to talk about the […]

Elon Makes Ukraine Kill List, Assange and Free Speech

David Gornoski comments on the news of Elon Musk’s temporary inclusion in an Ukrainian “kill list;” how the intelligence agencies keep the status quo in power; the imprisonment of Julian Assange and its significance on free speech; the curious case of the camera crew following Nancy Pelosi on January 6; and more.

Science and U: Magnetic Universe

Can electricity be obtained from water more efficiently and cheaply? Did NASA succeed in its recent asteroid mission? How would magnetic fields help up predict earthquakes? Listen to the full segment as Dr. Weiping Yu answers these science questions and more.

Tho Bishop: How Inflation is Changing Your Life

Skip past 45 minutes in the video for this hour. Tho Bishop joins the show to talk about what happened in the recent Mises event in Florida; rising inflation in Europe and Japan; whether there is no such thing as a non-political central bank; and more.

Col. Douglas Macgregor Tells More Truths About Ukraine War, Will the Dollar Hegemony Survive?

David Gornoski is joined by the returning Col. Douglas Macgregor for an update on the war in Ukraine. Is Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons as the mainstream media claims? Are we dealing with the same kind of Russian leadership as the previous ones in the Soviet Union? What is the US’ ultimate goal in […]

Assange and the Decline of the West

It is rather surprising to see how minor a topic the imprisonment of Julian Assange is in the daily discourses of the Anglo-American world. I write “Anglo-American” because Assange had been tried in the UK and is now readied for extradition to the United States where he will be further prosecuted for publishing highly-classified documents […]

Will Belarus Join the Ukraine War? Tucker Goodrich: Seed Oils Linked to Lung Cancer, Obesity, Menstrual Pain

Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this hour. Sir Owen returns to the show to comment on North Korea firing rockets again, Greta Thurnberg’s reversal on Germany’s nuclear energy, the possibility of Belarus joining the Russia-Ukraine war, and more. Also in the show, Tucker Goodrich joins David Gornoski to talk about what’s driving […]

Alex Jones Pays the Price, Pfizer Makes Shocking Admission

David Gornoski comments on the jury decision against Alex Jones, Pfizer’s shocking admission regarding their product, Moderna vaccine’s effectiveness turning negative over time, the refusal to investigate the firebombing of a pro-life office, and more. What kind of precedent does the jury decision on Alex Jones set for journalists in America? Why are media outlets […]

Looking Back at the Ukraine Conflict, Chris Bray: Should We Blame Libertarianism?

 Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this hour. David Gornoski plays a 2014 Stephen Colbert interview as well as a Ron Paul interview to provide some hindsight on the Ukraine conflict. Plus, Chris Bray joins the show to point out the two types of Leftism in America, whether libertarianism is to blame […]

Exposing Pfizer’s PR Firm, Jason Jones on Tulsi Gabbard’s Departure From the DNC

David Gornoski comments on the concentrated effort to push COVID vaccination onto Americans through various forms of media. Joining David Gornoski is investigative journalist Paul Thacker who exposes Weber Shandwick, a PR firm for Pfizer and Moderna embedded in the CDC. Also in the show, Jason Jones calls in to comment on Tulsi Gabbard’s departure […]