How Seed Oils Cause IBS, Healthy Oils

David Gornoski is joined by the Seed Oil Disrespecter who talks about how seed oils came to be seen as a harmful food; the coming revolution of health; how seed oils cause IBS; healthy oils; why people have success with Keto; how seed oil avoidance can unite us politically and culturally; how we can defeat […]

Ron Paul: Socialist Republicans vs. Crony Democrats

In this special episode, David Gornoski is joined by former congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Dr. Ron Paul touches on how his predictions about the economy came true; how the billionaires became richer in the pandemic; Russia and the Ukraine situation; the supply chain crisis; mandating drugs; and more. What has the latest data […]

Localism & Federalism

Jeff Deist and Jordan Schachtel of the Dossier podcast talk about how the overwhelming majority of Democrats favor coercive measures to mandate drugs. Jordan also talks about where people can find real journalism in this time of corporate press propaganda. Also in the show, independent historian Kevin Gutzman calls in to examine the supreme court […]

Saving Florida From Leftist Tyranny

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist guest hosts this episode of A Neighbor’s Choice. Jeff is joined by Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini and the two talk about how Democrats perceive politics, why conservatives need to start playing offense, how the Left can be destroyed in Florida, whether Ron DeSantis would make a good President, and more. […]

Biological Living vs. Mechanical Living

The pioneer of regenerative farming, Joel Salatin, joins David Gornoski for this episode. How do we fight back against a ruling philosophy that says life should be mechanical? How can we revolutionize a food industry dominated by seeds oils and corporatism? Why can’t many people afford grass-fed beef? Listen to the full episode to find […]

Fast Food Damage & Inflation

David Gornoski and Tucker Goodrich explain why fast food and a negligent medical industry have given rise to all kinds of autoimmune diseases. Also in the show, Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals returns to the show to discuss the current inflation, the supply chain crisis, green energy restrictions, and more. Check out Tucker’s blog here.

OSHA Mandate Defeated in Court

The Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop calls in to talk about the supreme court’s ruling on the OSHA mandate, whether we should hope for structural reforms, the spiritual decline of the West, why Biden is proving to be worse than George W. Bush, why Democrats will ramp of persecution of political opposition, and more.

Science and U: Plasma Tubes Or Magnetic Field Lines?

Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu returned with some fresh analysis of news from the world of science. Are there giant plasma tubes floating above the Earth? What secrets does the universe have in store for us? What do we make of the latest discovery surrounding the milky way? Listen to the full segment to find out.

Make DC Irrelevant Again

David Gornoski analyzes the latest news stories surrounding the supreme court’s ruling on mandated drugs, Glenn Beck, the demand to censor Joe Rogan, and more. How have Trump’s SCOTUS nominees fared so far? Should our liberties be put up for judges in courts to decide? With the failure of Trump clearly visible, how should we […]

Why Is the Government Hell-Bent on Promoting the Mandated Drugs?

A woman was so overtaken with pandemic mania that she locked he son in the trunk of her car! What are some key reasons the mandated drugs are failing? Why is Trump falling in line with the state propaganda on this pandemic? Why is the government hell-bent on getting us to consume the decreed products? […]