Startling Revelations From Dr. Peter McCullough’s Senate Testimony

David Gornoski starts the episode with a commentary on how our nation is falling into mimetic contagion of passing the blame onto others instead of looking for solutions. Why was Remdesivir, a dubious treatment in the pandemic, approved by the medical establishment? Has the CDC been honest to us regarding a rise in Myocarditis? What […]

Winning Locally, Combating Inflation

Jeff Deist is joined by Connor Boyack, writer of the Tuttle Twins series, and the two discuss how states can fight back against an increasingly encroaching federal government. Also in this episode, renowned financial commentator Peter Schiff calls in to talk about the myth that the Fed can somehow correct inflation, how we can invest […]

Ukraine: Biden’s Iraq, Fighting Against College Drug Mandates

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist is joined by Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute and the two discuss how Ukraine might become for Biden what Iraq became for George W. Bush. Why would Russia be interested in Ukraine? Are Americans going to be roped into this coming war with Russia? Also in the show, […]

Liberalism, Dugin & the Failure of the State

Are government regulatory agencies deeply captured or are they simply operating to their logical conclusion? How is the World Economic Forum reacting to the masses’ growing distrust of unelected elites? What do we make of Putin’s reaction towards liberalism? Join David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta as they decipher Alexander Dugin’s proposal of the fourth political […]

Is Olive Oil Good For You?

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by frequent guest Tucker Goodrich for an exciting conversation on diet and health. Is fiber necessary for good health? Is the Mediterranean diet overrated? Is olive oil a healthy alternative to seed oils? Why were our ancestors stronger and healthier than us? Is veganism a sustainable choice for […]

Is “Inflation” a Trigger Word?

Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute calls in to talk about the CDC’s revealing statement on natural immunity, the election bill, why the average American doesn’t care about the media’s January 6 narrative, Joe Biden’s approval ratings, the failure of woke corporations, and more.

Science and U: Havana Syndrome and Space Anemia

The chief science advisor of the show, Dr. Weiping Yu, returns to offer his analysis of the latest science stories. What is Havana syndrome and is it based on any scientific evidence? Have scientists discovered the cause of space anemia? Why is magnetic force a better explanation than the gravitational constant? Listen to the full […]

CDC Admits Natural Immunity Is Better

Why are a majority of Australians want Djokovic deported from Australia for not taking a Big Pharma product? What shocking declaration did the CDC just recently make? Why are the media and political establishment so adamant about getting us to eat insects? Join David Gornoski as he makes a thorough case for his vindication due […]

How the Left Trivializes Violence

Why are we being pushed towards endless boosters sold by Big Pharma? Is there a nefarious agenda underneath? Join David Gornoski as he takes on these questions while dismantling CNN’s narrative of appealing to Martin Luther King in ripping apart America’s economy. Why is the Biden administration pursuing war with Russia over Ukraine? Is the […]

Dr. Pierre Kory: How Big Pharma Hijacked Medical Science

David Gornoski is joined by Dr. Pierre Kory who calls in to talk about why Joe Rogan is being threatened with censorship, why Big Pharma is shutting down generic medicine, why Corticosteroids were introduced in standard treatment, how pharmaceutical companies hike the prices of patented drugs, the relationship between Big Tech and Big Pharma, legal […]