The Science: Robert Malone MD Addresses mRNA in Food Supply, 5th Generation War

David Gornoski is joined by Dr. Robert Malone for a conversation that initially looks at how mRNA vaccines are being deployed in our livestock and companion animals. What kind of changes will this new technology cause to our immune system? Is this part of Bill Gates’ plan to have complete control over our food supply? David and Dr. Malone also talk about how we are being subjected to one of the biggest military-grade psyops ever seen in recent history. What is 5th-generation warfare and how do we know whether we’re being subjected to it? How is 5th-gen warfare used in a social media landscape? How does Elon Musk factor into this plan? Listen to the full interview to find out as Dr. Malone draws from his experience and provides us with much-needed information on how to survive this new form of tyranny and more.

Dr. Malone on how mRNA vaccines are being deployed in our food supply.
Dr. Malone on 5th-Gen. Warfare.
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