The Election of Jesus, Veterans Radio with Diego Rivera

If you vote for Biden, David Gornoski says, you’re going to get more bailouts, more war, and more injustice. What should we do in this election? David points us to the anthropological effect of Christ and Him being “elected” over Barabbas by the crowd to be crucified on the cross. Should we divorce Jesus from the politics of our world? “Who are we going to trust? I trust the man that says ‘mercy, not sacrifice.'” Join David Gornoski as he gives us some much needed wisdom from the master of history going into this election.

Also in this episode, Diego Rivera from Bring Our Troops Home joins in to talk about General Smedley Butler and his seminal book “War is a Racket” and the strange disappearance of the anti-war movement from Bush’s time. Will foreign policy be a decisive factor in this election?

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