David Gornoski Participates in a Battle Royal at Dory Funk Jr’s !BANG! TV

“I am a wrestling manager but somehow I was booked into a battle royal match recently at Dory Funk Jr’s iconic conservatory. Naturally, I took the opportunity to reveal my ambition to the industry.” —David Gornoski Check out the Funking Conservatory here.

Diamond Dallas Page on the Power of Breathing, Sting’s Retirement, DDP Yoga

David Gornoski sits down with WWE Hall of Famer and founder of DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page, for an exciting conversation on the power of positivity, his wrestling career, learning from Jake Roberts, DDP Yoga, Sting’s retirement, the importance of breathing, escaping victim mentality, what success looks like, and more. Check out DDP yoga here. […]

David Gornoski Arrives at WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk Jr’s Conservatory

Watch as David Gornoski is introduced to Dory Funk Jr’s Conservatory.

Sting – An Insane Analysis

Baseball is said to be America’s favorite pastime, but it can be argued that professional wrestling comes very close to dominating the upper tiers of Americana. Take for instance, countries like India and Saudi Arabia that generally do not care for Baseball or Football, but they are crazy about American professional wrestling. Why is this the case? […]

Dr. Yu on Dark Energy, Tho Bishop on Leftist Hegemony

Dr. Weiping Yu returns with Science and U and comments on the mystery surrounding dark energy and the universe’s rate of expansion. Is Einstein’s “cosmological constant” reliable? the physicist asks. Is the universe an isolated system? Is the second law of thermodynamics accurate in its conclusion? Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop calls in to comment on the […]