Science and U: Does Time Dilation Exist?

Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu returns to the show with another brand new segment of Science and U. Can “time dilation” be explained in a better and simpler way than the standardized answer? Is solar energy possible without sunlight? Listen to the segment to find out.

Science and U: Parker Probe Passes Over the Sun

The Parker solar probe recently made a historic pass through the Sun’s atmosphere. What does this mean for the future of solar energy? Can we get solar power even during nighttime? Join physicist, Dr. Weiping Yu, as he returns with another segment of Science and U to answer these questions and more.

Dr. Yu on Self Charging Batteries, Keith Weiner on the Fed

Can nano-diamond self-charging batteries change energy forever? Dr. Weiping Yu returns to give us his opinion on this latest curiosity in the world of science. On nuclear energy, Dr. Yu remarks: “Radiation itself is not the problem but the concentration of radiation is the problem.” The physicist also comments on maximizing solar technology with infra-red […]