DC’s Obsession With Children’s Gender Transition

The Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop joins the show to comment on the Disney leaked video, how Ron DeSantis is fighting back against big corporation social engineering, the state-sponsored gender transition of children, what the revolutionary Left is aiming at in the near future, and more.

Tom Woods on Ron DeSantis’ Remarkable COVID Event

Are we letting the government get away with COVID tyranny by pivoting to Ukraine? The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist is joined by Tom Woods who calls in to talk about Ron DeSantis’ remarkable COVID event today and what actions could be taken against the so-called experts for foisting restrictions on average Americans. Plus, Ryan McMaken […]

Pandemic and Nutrition Myths on the Decline

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] David Gornoski highlights the decline of meritocracy in America thanks to a nihilistic ruling elite. What did Ron DeSantis say about masks? Why aren’t conservatives talking about our government’s role in Big Pharma’s unethical practices? Tucker Goodrich joins the show to comment on the […]

Today’s Liberty Movement & the Woke Poisoning of Comedy

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the 2nd hour.] The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist and Dr. Patrick Newman discuss the rise of housing prices; how Florida can avoid turning into a failed blue state and establish its identity as the freest state in America; and more. Plus, comedian Dave Smith joins the […]

Fighting University Booster Mandates With Todd Zywicki

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist and Tho Bishop discuss whether Ron DeSantis should run for President, the future of Florida, and more. Also in the show, Todd Zywicki, law professor from George Mason University, calls in to talk about fighting booster mandates in universities and whether there will be accountability from the government when the […]

Saving Florida From Leftist Tyranny

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist guest hosts this episode of A Neighbor’s Choice. Jeff is joined by Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini and the two talk about how Democrats perceive politics, why conservatives need to start playing offense, how the Left can be destroyed in Florida, whether Ron DeSantis would make a good President, and more. […]

Why Is the Government Hell-Bent on Promoting the Mandated Drugs?

A woman was so overtaken with pandemic mania that she locked he son in the trunk of her car! What are some key reasons the mandated drugs are failing? Why is Trump falling in line with the state propaganda on this pandemic? Why is the government hell-bent on getting us to consume the decreed products? […]

What Does the Future of Florida Look Like?

What does the mass migration from blue states to Florida mean? The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist, Richard Rider, and David Gornoski investigate. Should Ron DeSantis focus locally or should he aim for the White House? Is California deserving of all the blame? What cautionary tales should Floridians be learning from California’s massive tax regulations? Listen […]

The Regime and Perpetual Pandemic

Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins David Gornoski to talk about what’s happening in Florida and elsewhere. What do we make of Ron DeSantis’ plan to reestablish the Florida State Guard? Why has lockdown-free Florida become the top place for tourists? Is mask-wearing becoming permanent during travel? What do we make of the revelations […]

What’s Happening With the Drug Mandates?

Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini joins David Gornoski to give us an update on what’s going on with Ron DeSantis’ ban on drug mandates. What do we make of OSHA’s suspension of Biden’s drug mandates? Listen to the full episode to find out. Plus, David gives us some much-needed analysis of the news and topics such […]