The Spiritual Forces Behind the Culture War & Foreign Wars

David Gornoski talks about the Rage Against the War Machine rally, Biden’s visit to Kiev, the spiritual forces behind the culture war, the attack on Project Veritas, sudden deaths after drug mandates, mimetic rivalry in politics, and more.

Congress Rolls Out Red Carpet for Epps

The Pentagon has finally ended its vaccine mandate, but is it too late? “The thing about the Democrats is that they’re so drunk on power they end up punching themselves in the face.” Join David Gornoski as he deconstructs the system of coercion that’s at the heart of all our suffering. What new details have […]

Candace Owens Drifts From Ukraine Narrative

Will there be any accountability now that the New York Times has verified Hunter Biden’s laptop? Our economy is based on manufacturing drones rather than revolutionizing energy and making it too cheap to meter, says David Gornoski. Can America build a reputation for diplomacy and peace instead of war? What did Candace Owens say about […]

The Government Is a False Guardian

What are Pfizer scientists saying about our natural immunity? How do we get out of the abusive relationship with government? How do we deal with the constant push by the government to break up families? Join David Gornoski as he reflects on these questions while also commenting on today’s trend of “following your own bliss;” […]