Seed Oil Survival: Brad Marshall on Seed Oils and Chronic Fatigue

Food historian, molecular biologist, and pig farmer Brad Marshall calls in to talk about why traditional dietary guidelines worked. Why were people in the 1930s and 1940s thinner than us? How do we discern the signals our bodies send with regard to the kind of fats we’re eating? What is the true cause of chronic […]

Seed Oil Survival: Tucker Explains Oxidized LDL

Tucker Goodrich joins the show to discuss what is oxidized LDL and why we should care. What is the difference between cholesterol and fat? What’s the difference between oxidation and inflammation? Listen to the full segment as Tucker Goodrich explains, in a very basic and insightful manner, why seed oils are a slow poison to […]

How Seed Oils Damaged the Health of Dogs

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Tucker Goodrich joins David Gornoski to discuss the connection between clogged arteries and seed oil consumption. What is oxidized LDL and did people have it before the introduction of seed oils in America? How have seed oils affected obesity in dogs? What is going […]

Seed Oils and the Cause of Oxidized LDL

David Gornoski is joined by Tucker Goodrich for an exciting conversation on nutrition science. What is the cause of Oxidized LDL and why should we be worried about it? Is brown rice safe for consumption? Can a high-carb diet benefit us while we consume seed oils? Is sugar the real cause of tooth decay? What […]