Australian Reports on Local Tyranny

Triple-dosed Israel still has skyrocketing cases of COVID. Why is this happening? Joining David Gornoski to report on the near-Orwellian state of Australia is Randall Evans who illustrates how Australians are being subjected to ever-present digital surveillance, snitching by neighbors, curtailing of religious freedom, and identity theft by the authorities. Will the authoritarian tyrants prevail […]

Lockdowns and the Milgram Experiment

We saw what Pfizer was doing in Nigeria with experimental drugs and we saw how this backfired on them, David Gornoski reminds us as he starts the show. Will the establishment succeed in creating unanimity with their scapegoating narratives? How can we see the Stanley Milgram experiment playing out in these lockdowns? Is there a […]

Jeff Deist on Biden’s Failing Attempt to Look Authoritative

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist calls in to talk about the Biden administration’s all-out effort to mandate medicine; the scapegoating of the unvaccinated; beer restrictions in Australia; the government’s blaming of meatpackers for rising prices; how government drives inequality from a monetary perspective; and more.

How Not to Apply Rene Girard to Current Events

David Gornoski starts the episode by deconstructing a misinterpretation of Rene Girard’s mimetic theory and explaining how we can avoid further misinterpretations. Is it possible to be exposed to Girard’s work and still scapegoat others? What are the latest Orwellian revelations coming out of Australia? Are parents finally standing up for their children against tyrannical […]

Anthony Sabatini Takes on Mask and Vaccine Mandates

Remember how the corporate press used to scapegoat Trump for pandemic mortalities? Why hasn’t the same method being used against Biden? Join David Gornoski as he takes on the mimetic groupthink of the corporate media and exposes their usual tactics against dissenting voices. Do we need draconian lockdowns like the one in Australia as Fauci […]

Building Trust and Courage in Mimetic Mania

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by Leigh Fetter, an Australian who currently lives in France. Leigh and David discuss the reaction to the lockdowns in Australia and France. Why are the lockdowns extremely stifling in Australia? Can the FDA and the corporate press be trusted over medicine and nutrition? How can we develop […]

Scott Horton on Afghanistan Withdrawal

Why is the McWoke TV party so dependent on shaming and scapegoating people? What does the latest news on the January 6 FBI investigation reveal about this administration? While David Gornoski answers these questions, he is joined by Scott Horton of who calls in to talk about how Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawal; why […]

What’s Going on in Australia?

What’s going on in Australia with the lockdowns? A listener of the show, Luca Sujdovic, calls in from Australia to describe the situation there. What is the military doing to enforce the lockdowns? Are the protesters in Australia as rowdy as the corporate press claims? Listen to the full episode to find out. Plus, David […]

Welcome to Human Nature

David Gornoski opens the episode by highlighting how the president of Mexico is more concerned about his countrymen than our own government, especially with regards to domination by Big Pharma. Why aren’t we listening to the renowned scientists who are saying that rolling out a vaccine during a pandemic is not wise? How would the […]

Overcoming the Virus of Fear

David Gornoski starts the episode with a takedown of DC’s victim-garbed mythmaking and compares it to a failing villain’s comedic last gasp desperation. Joining David for this show is James Kourtides of the Rooster’s Crow podcast. How can we stay positive in this sea of fear and negativity? How do we break the spell and […]