Is Hillary Clinton Returning?

Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute is joined by Dr. Allen Mendenhall, Associate Dean at Troy University, and the two discuss the Biden administration’s insistence on drug mandates. Is it possible to “follow the science” when the science is updated every four-five days? Is Hillary Clinton coming back to haunt us all? Tho Bishop calls […]

How the Lockdowns Have Affected Future Generations

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist is joined by fellow Mises economist Ryan McMaken for an exciting conversation on the Omicron scare and how the lockdowns have already impacted future generations economically. How has inflation affected the housing market and potential buyers and renters? Has Biden given up on a federal solution to the pandemic? Listen […]

Are Americans Ready For More Lockdowns?

Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute returns as guest host for this episode. How does the Biden administration reason that a massive spending bill will help with inflation? Are Americans ready for another phase of mass lockdowns? Joining Jeff Deist to discuss these questions is Ryan McMaken who suggests that the eagerness for more restrictions […]

Elon Musk Warns About Low Birth Rates

Are Democrats finally turning against the drug mandates? What do the majority of Americans say about the drug mandate? Why are people opposed to the mandates being labeled anti-vax by the corporate press? Join David Gornoski as he reports on the latest news from around the world while also commenting on the Big Tech censoring […]

The Regime and Perpetual Pandemic

Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins David Gornoski to talk about what’s happening in Florida and elsewhere. What do we make of Ron DeSantis’ plan to reestablish the Florida State Guard? Why has lockdown-free Florida become the top place for tourists? Is mask-wearing becoming permanent during travel? What do we make of the revelations […]

Sweden Proves the Naysayers Wrong

What’s happening in Germany and Sweden with regards to the drug mandates? Was Sweden’s approach to the pandemic successful? Join David Gornoski as he analyzes these topics. Also in the show, David is joined by Jerry Bowyer, editor at Townhall Finance. Is MSNBC correct in saying that inflation is a good thing? Do economic bubbles […]

Lockdown and Liberty Down Under

David Gornoski is joined by Randall Evans who calls in from Australia to give us a breakdown of what’s going on down under, especially with regards to the lockdown tyranny. With all the allegations of corruption, are politicians in Australia finally changing their stances on the lockdowns? Were the heavy-handed restrictions effective? What similarities do […]

Ivan Illich’s Critique of Modern Healthcare

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by John Dasgupta, a writer for A Neighbor’s Choice, and the two discuss the state-hijacking of health institutions worldwide. David and John also talk about how the Gospel accounts gave rise to the universal concern for victims of violence; how this concern for victim is twisted by the […]

Australians Update Us on Their Tyranny

 David Gornoski is joined by Randall Evans and Luca Sujdovic from Australia for a breakdown of the draconian Australian lockdowns. Why did the police open fire on protesters with rubber bullets? Is there a media blackout in Australia? Why is Sweden rejecting this pandemic authoritarianism and Australia caving in? How are liberty-loving Australians coping […]

Gen. Milley’s “White Rage” in Afghanistan

“Twenty years later after 9/11 and our government’s still patting down grandmas at the airport.” Judging from the actions of the police enforcing lockdowns, what has gone so badly wrong in Australia? Is Colorado meddling with the pandemic death numbers? Will there be any consequence for the bureaucrats responsible for Afghanistan drone strike deaths? Who […]