Rumble Targeted in Calls for Wider Censorship

David Gornoski starts the show by explaining how victim-concerned power politics work in DC. Will anyone in DC start taking responsibility for the rising prices in our economy? To what extent has Big Tech censorship spread in the light of the Russia-Ukraine war? Why is Bill Gates predicting another pandemic? Listen to the full episode […]

Twitter Employees Triggered by Elon Musk

Does the GOP have any real solutions to the inflation crisis that we’re facing? Why is the establishment media afraid of Elon Musk’s vision for the internet? Is there a better way to change history than to imitate the establishment? Join David Gornoski as he takes on the latest news and topics while making the […]

Inflation and the Housing Market, Possibility of Secession

How do the interest rates on our savings compare to inflation? Are we headed towards an America where the majority of people live on rent? Jeff Deist is joined by economist Alex Pollock who tackles these questions and more. Also in the show, Francis Buckley, professor at Antonin Scalia Law School, joins the show to […]

The Disconnect in Labor Markets

Are we being softened up for another inflationary environment? The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist is joined by Peter G. Klein who calls in to talk about the media gaslighting on inflation, how we are being told to quit whining about rising prices, a feeling of “great resignation” from the labor market, his new book Why […]

Saving Ourselves From the Coming Dollar Crash

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the 2nd hour.] The Mises Institute‘s Tho Bishop calls in to comment on the bipartisan warmongering from DC, whether we can save ourselves from the coming dollar crash, who are benefiting from this inflation, the possibility of a great awakening for liberty, and more.

Fleeing the Grips of Oligarchs and Moneychangers

David Gornoski starts the show with an exploration of the various takes on the Ukraine war and sanctions against Russia. Did oligarchs have a role to play in Ukraine’s downfall? Do the moneychangers in our government have our economic interest in mind? What is the best way forwards from the people of Ukraine? Listen to […]

Dr. Per Bylund on Economic Illiteracy

The Mises Institute‘s Jeff Deist guest hosts this episode of A Neighbor’s Choice and he is joined by Dr. Per Bylund, associate professor of Oklahoma State University. How reliant is our government’s policy on the economic illiteracy of the masses? Can economics become captive to ideology? How can businesses survive inflation? Also in the show, […]

Daniel McAdams on the Origins of the Ukraine War

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the second hour.] Don’t nationalize the McNuggets, Jen Psaki says to Russia. Join David Gornoski as he deconstructs the corporate press’ narratives surrounding the Ukraine war and the pandemic. Also in the show, David is joined by Daniel McAdams, co-host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, […]

Real Numbers & Inflation, The Neocon Resurgence

The Mises Institute‘s Jeff Deist and John Williams of discuss the real numbers behind the inflation, why oil is so volatile, the value of holding gold, and more. Also in the show, Pedro Gonzalez of Chronicles Magazine calls in to talk about the resurgence of neocons and the spreading of misinformation amidst the current […]

The Economics of Sanctions

The Mises Institute‘s Jeff Deist starts the show by talking about the media pivot from the pandemic to war. He is joined by Jonathan Newman to discuss the economics of sanctions, whether sanctions against private Russian firms are justified, economic blowbacks towards ordinary Americans, Russia’s exclusion from SWIFT, why cryptocurrency threatens the dollar, and more. […]