Science and U: New Experiment Transmutes Nickel into Gold

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Can magnets help harness the fusion power of the sun? Is elemental transmutation possible? Is there a better explanation for what is usually termed “dark matter?” Join physicist, Dr. Weiping Yu, for a refreshing segment of Science and U as he takes on these […]

Science and U: Dwarf Galaxies and Dark Matter

Has the door to fusion energy finally been unlocked? Do the collision of dwarf galaxies explain dark matter? Is there a new explanation for the strange fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic field? Join physicist Dr. Weiping Yu, the chief science advisor of the show, as he answers the questions brought up by the latest science stories […]

Science and U: Gravity Is Overrated

Are the fundamentals of mainstream physics breaking down with each new discovery? Join Dr. Weiping Yu as he emphasizes why the principle of magnetism will remain unchanged and why holding onto the theory of gravity looks more like religion than science.

Science and U: Carbon Dioxide to Food?

Can carbon dioxide be converted to food? Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu joins the show to comment on whether this is possible. Dr. Yu also comments on the recent news regarding black holes. What really lies at the center of the galaxy? Has Helion Energy cracked the code for fusion technology? Listen to the full segment […]

Science and U: How Transmutation Can Solve the Climate Crisis

It’s time for Science and U and Dr. Weiping Yu returns with another refreshing analysis of the latest science news. Is transmutation of elements possible? If transmutation is possible, how can it be used to solve the climate crisis? To what extent is magnetism ingrained into the nature of the cosmos? Listen to the full […]

Science and U: Is Fusion Theory Fundamentally Flawed?

It’s Science and U and physicist Dr. Weiping Yu joins Tucker Goodrich to take on the latest science news. Scientists believe they can recreate cosmic reactions to unlock astronomical mysteries. Is this possible? Why are we always waiting forever for fusion energy? How can we make sense of Dark Energy? Listen to the full segment […]