What Ants Teach Us About Violence, Why Caesar Fails Before Christ

“A nation that lives by the sword shall die by the sword,” David Gornoski says as he comments on the escalation of the Ukraine war. Why do people demand caesar? How does Jesus’ empire differ from that of our own? Did dissident voices exist before the time of Christ? Listen to the full episode to […]

Can Caesar Cast Out Caesar?

“The people who want Caesar and people who are lost in their mimetic desires.” Join David Gornoski as he takes on the reaction to the establishment that demands more power. Can Satan be cast out by Satan? Can Caesar cast out Caesar? What did the pandemic teach us about the power of Caesar? How can […]

The New Right, Running Barefoot

David Gornoski is joined by James Kourtides from the Rooster’s Crow podcast and the two discuss the new counterculture against the postmodern Left, the futility of calling for a new Caesar, how the appetite for direct violence is undermined in the modern age, and more. Also in the show, Tucker Goodrich calls in to talk […]

Great Reset, Saturnalia, and Christmas

David Gornoski revisits an essay he wrote a few years ago titled Saturnalia vs Christmas. What did Jesus mean when he said that His power is made perfect in weakness? David Gornoski gets to the bottom of this question and comes to some fascinating anthropological facts when comparing Jesus’ birth narrative to the ancient myth surrounding […]

Connor Boyack on Christ vs Caesar

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by Connor Boyack, author of Tuttle Twins and the upcoming Christ vs. Caesar. What does “render unto Caesar” mean for the modern-day Christian? To answer this important question, Boyack takes us through a history of the Church’s relationship with the State. Can we hide behind the anonymity of […]