Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

David Gornoski is joined by James Kourtides for a conversation on Elon Musk taking over Twitter and whether any good will come from it. What is ESG and should we be concerned about it? Why haven’t we heard of the World Economic Forum until only recently? What is the latest shocking revelation coming out regarding […]

Trump and Biden Final Battle, Sir Owen on the Lake Tana Issue

The media’s distraction with the Borat movie is pathetic! David says. He highlights how these “Pravda wannabes” are doing everything they can to hide the disgusting Hunter Biden revelations. Every day we’re getting more and more evidence that the whole system is filled with “riggedulations.” “Humpty Dumpty will not be put back again because the […]

What We Need to Learn from Rene Girard

David Gornoski is back with another episode of A Neighbor’s Choice; and this time he takes us through what he considers is the key to defeating the radical, victim-garbed politics of our time. Christ’s crucifixion has made it impossible for humanity to sacrifice the other for political gain, David says as he points to the […]