What the Politics of 2022 Might Look Like?

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist ushers us into the new year and he looks into whether the Omicron variant and the Biden administration will stand in the way of normalcy. Jeff Deist is joined by Tho Bishop and the two talk about Big Tech censorship, actions the Biden administration might take economically, whether Trump should […]

Will 2022 Be a Year for Liberty?

The Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop calls in to talk about whether we can expect something good in 2022 for the political sphere; the media frenzy over Ron DeSantis’ ignoring of Omicron fear-mongering; Biden’s “no federal solution” comment; what lies ahead in the economy; how Wokeism is hurting the Democratic party; and why ending the Fed […]

How Corporate Media Dumbs Us Down

David Gornoski plays a clip by Dr. Robert Malone that reveals some striking details about the mandated drugs. Will China beat America in a new space race? Are pop culture and mainstream media dumbing us down to the point where we cannot even critique things? Joining David is Sir Owen who analyzes the latest headlines […]

Is Paganism Returning to Our Culture?

David Gornoski starts the episode with a reflection on Twitter’s suspension of Dr. Robert W. Malone and how censorship always backfires. What was the point in removing liberties for the last two years when Biden admitted there is no federal solution to the pandemic? Listen to the full episode as David searches for an answer. […]

How the Lockdowns Have Affected Future Generations

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist is joined by fellow Mises economist Ryan McMaken for an exciting conversation on the Omicron scare and how the lockdowns have already impacted future generations economically. How has inflation affected the housing market and potential buyers and renters? Has Biden given up on a federal solution to the pandemic? Listen […]

The Dreaded Winter of Central Planning

Jeff Deist and Dr. Keith Smith of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma talk about the long-term consequences of the pandemic; why surgeons wear masks and why patients shouldn’t; and more. Also in the show, popular radio host Brian Wilson calls in to comment on the “winter of severe illness and death” remark by the White […]

Are Americans Ready For More Lockdowns?

Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute returns as guest host for this episode. How does the Biden administration reason that a massive spending bill will help with inflation? Are Americans ready for another phase of mass lockdowns? Joining Jeff Deist to discuss these questions is Ryan McMaken who suggests that the eagerness for more restrictions […]

How Curly’s House Is Bringing the Christmas Spirit Home

David Gornoski starts the show by highlighting how concern trolling keeps us all in our wheelchairs. What happens when big corporations get allied with nutritional and medicinal science? “Seed oil took an obscure indy artist called cancer and made it the top-selling band.” David is joined by Lavern Spicer, Founder of Curley’s House food bank, […]

Building Parallel Structures

David Gornoski is joined by James Kourtides of the Rooster’s Crow podcast as they comment on the latest news and how the media establishment is breaking down thanks to people like Kanye West and Donald Trump. How can we create new technologies to make the old media irrelevant and obsolete? Are the mandated drugs successful […]

AP’s Hall Monitor Report on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Do Democrats want Biden replaced in 2024? Is Hillary Clinton preparing for another crack on the presidential race? What did Peter McCullough say about the safety of the mandated drugs? Join David Gornoski as he comments on these topics while dismantling media narratives such as AP news’ hall monitor report on Robert F Kennedy Jr. […]