Political Correctness – A Vestige of Myth

Political correctness and its clean rhetoric is our society’s vestige of myth; myth contains symbols that obfuscate the violence that the stories conceal and justify. Trump was such a powerful cultural moment for us because his disabuse of Political correctness and its language has unleashed the ugly truth of the barbarity of the state and the empty futility of politics as a fantasy for transcendence.

That’s why things are so rapidly being invaded by polarized politics in its wake. Politics and government, now that it is ruled by someone who doesn’t keep the charade of political correctness going, is contaminated and so it cannot contain our partial transcendence any longer and so the guilt and aggression it channels into “consensus” is spilling out in everything from video games to sports and hair cuts.

This is all understandable and predicted by studying Jesus.

This post was written in 2019.

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