Why We Can’t Criticize China

David Gornoski comments on the new draconian measures being taken by the Australian government and the Big Pharma attack on generic medicine. What do the Big Pharma and Big Tech censorship of dissenting medical voices reveal about the status quo? Why does America promote criticism for its founders but not for its enemies? What is […]

The Errors of Postmodernism, Fighting Totalitarianism

David Gornoski starts the show by commenting on how Joe Rogan won the battle against COVID and DC’s nation-building failure in Afghanistan. Also in the show, Professor Michael Rectenwald, the author of Beyond Woke, calls in to talk about the errors of postmodernism, Wokeism in libertarianism, big corporation alliance with the state, growing totalitarianism, and […]

Tho Bishop on the Big Corporation Monopoly on Medicine, Taxas Bans Abortion

The Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop calls in to talk about Joe Rogan’s daring to go against establishment medicine; the media parroting of “dewormer;” the big corporation monopoly on medicine; the recent abortion restriction in Texas; and more.

Science and U: Was There a Big Bang?

Dr. Weiping Yu, the chief science officer of A Neighbor’s Choice, joins David Gornoski for another exciting segment of Science and U. The physicist comments on the claim that scientists have discovered the secret of wireless charging and whether the universe was really created through a big bang. Listen to the full segment for all […]

How Not to Apply Rene Girard to Current Events

David Gornoski starts the episode by deconstructing a misinterpretation of Rene Girard’s mimetic theory and explaining how we can avoid further misinterpretations. Is it possible to be exposed to Girard’s work and still scapegoat others? What are the latest Orwellian revelations coming out of Australia? Are parents finally standing up for their children against tyrannical […]

LA Local Responds to California Mandate

David Gornoski is joined by returning guest Willy Fort who talks about the possibility of vaccination passports, Larry Elder’s chances in California, school choice, and more. Also joining David is nutritional researcher, Tucker Goodrich who discusses the validity of seed oil testing on mice, the importance of exercise, whether we can consume even a little […]

The Anthropological Victory of Christ

What we’re seeing right now is nothing new but a retreading of twentieth-century coercive policies, David Gornoski says as he begins the show. Join David as he explains the true meaning of mythology and how Christianity deconstructed myths and its ability to legitimize collective violence. How does modern-day government refine the crowd violence of ancient […]

Anthony Sabatini Takes on Mask and Vaccine Mandates

Remember how the corporate press used to scapegoat Trump for pandemic mortalities? Why hasn’t the same method being used against Biden? Join David Gornoski as he takes on the mimetic groupthink of the corporate media and exposes their usual tactics against dissenting voices. Do we need draconian lockdowns like the one in Australia as Fauci […]

Destroying Media Myths and Coercive Medicine

David Gornoski starts the show with an exposé of the crooked relationship between Big Pharma and government agencies. David also comments on the relentless media attacks on Larry Elder; Americans’ increasing distrust of Fauci; Rob Schneider’s criticism of late-night shows; the Big Tech censoring of the mother of a US Marine killed in Afghanistan; the […]

We Shouldn’t Listen to a Lying Government

We need to rethink our notion of education as we witness how failed experts like Fauci continue to demand more restriction of liberties and more coercion of medicine. Why has obesity in children risen during the pandemic? Did the US really kill ISIS members in a drone strike a few days ago? Why should we […]