David Gornoski Sings “New York” (Tribute to Osamu Nishimura)

“I had the opportunity to be the special guest announcer for Dory Funk Jr’s latest wrestling show dedicated to his tag team partner and Bang TV world champion Osamu Nishimura who is battling illness. I opened the show with a rendition of Nishimura’s favorite song ‘New York, New York’ to encourage his swift recovery and […]

Should Christians Be Voting For Pro-Choice Republicans? (Appearance on the Iron Disciples Podcast)

David Gornoski sits down at the Iron Disciples Podcast to discuss Trump and Kari Lake’s remarks on Arizona’s abortion ban. Are Republicans “pro-life” as they claim? Can the Church take back marriage from the state? How should politics and the Church interact? Why did God create the universe? Check out the Iron Disciples Podcast here.

THINGS HIDDEN 187: What is Gospel Technology?

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski explains the term “Gospel Technology” while describing the various ways it is being used today. What is mythology and why do the Gospels invert them? Is it possible for us to revert to ancient mythological standards? How are humans today making use of Gospel Technology?

THINGS HIDDEN 186: The Triumph of Christ over Gnostic Ideology and Islam

David Gornoski is joined by Q of Mimetic Value for a fascinating conversation on how the revelation of Christ teaches the true nature of desire, why Islam is a retreat back to ideology, how the trajectory of history proves Christianity, how Christ sets the terms for all modern-day conflicts, how Jesus predicted the undifferentiation in […]

THINGS HIDDEN 185: What is Christ Hauntedness?

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski explains how Christ’s sacrifice has infected the world and why we can’t go back to old ways of creating order any more. Are we getting closer to Christ’s anthropology or further from it? Do we have the same appetite for violence today as humans used to have a […]

THINGS HIDDEN 184: What Is Structural Violence?

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski explains the meaning of the term “structural violence” and why we cannot deny its existence any longer. Why do we see such societal chaos around us today? Why aren’t coercive laws working the way they had in the past? What can we do to get out of this […]

Two Gentlemen Reunite After the Horrors of Prison

David Gornoski sits down with authors Lord Conrad Black and Rufus Rochelle. The two friends talk about their prison experiences, the consequences of the 1994 Crime Bill, what life after prison looks like, criminal justice reform, lifting up one another, and more. Buy Rufus Rochelle’s The Gentleman here. Buy The Political and Strategic History of […]

Seed Oil Survival: Suzanne Alexander Goes to Africa (Part 2)

Watch Part 1 here. Suzanne Alexander, co-author of the Ancestral Diet Revolution, picks up where she left off in her presentation of her recent and fascinating expedition to Africa. Among the dietary-centered topics, Suzanne also touches on lifestyle issues people struggle with in the West; wisdom gained from living among the Maasai and Sonjo peoples; […]

The Science: This Scientist Reveals Why COVID Happened

David Gornoski is joined by evidence-based scientist Dr. Paul Alexander for a conversation on the virus origins, how COVID was used to overthrow Trump, how the corrupt medical establishment caused countless deaths, Robert F Kennedy Jr as presidential candidate, justice for the victims, and more. Visit Dr Alexander’s Substack here. Dr. Paul Alexander’s website. Support […]

Japan’s Warrior Scapegoats

David Gornoski sits down with Andrew Hammer for a conversation on how nation-states exist through the mass sacrifice of war, how Japan committed Seppuku during the Second World War, why death proves a nation’s existence, and more. Visit the website of Foundation for the Study of Political Psychopathology here.