Fake Guilt, Real Sin

Let me show you an example of the insanity of a culture that is addicted to politics and is addicted to words over actual violence as a concern. Matt Taibbi is a journalist, a person of the Left, but he knows how to actually like speak the truth still; he’s not totally consumed. Taibbi put out a comment on social media saying, “The ultimate example of woke-washing. Man who oversaw torture, surveillance, and drone assassination programs says what embarrasses him is… this?” He’s retweeting a quote from former CIA director, John Brennan, who says: “I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days.”

So, this is what Taibbi calls “woke washing,” and he’s a person of the Left. He has a perspective that I think transcends partisan lines and ideology, because people are tired of this stuff. Here, you have a guy who spent his career, as Matt Taibbi said, overseeing torture, overseeing illegal surveillance, overseeing drone assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old American son and his friends over a campfire. But what Brennan is embarrassed about is that he’s a white male. Do you see how everything is about symbol over reality?

The Left has lost its utter mind. They used to be like Matt Taibbi who is representative of how the Left talked in a mainstream way, in the era of Bush, on MSNBC and other places, about the dangers of illegal surveillance, the dangers of torture, the dangers of drone assassination programs, the dangers of regime change against countries that didn’t really pose a direct threat to our safety.

But now, they present these people who carry out the tortures, the surveillance, the droning of kids, and they come out and they cry about how they’re embarrassed. They’re not embarrassed of waterboarding people who weren’t even responsible for the crimes that they were accused of.

John Brennan is not embarrassed about surveillance, which is strictly prohibited by the fourth amendment. He’s not embarrassed about drone assassination, which goes against the decree that only Congress shall declare war. And on the idea of killing American citizens, even if they’re overseas, and I have a problem with drone striking any citizen, but the point is even on the low bar threshold of just looking at it constitutionally here, besides just morality, Brennan fails that too.

MSNBC wants to have Brennan on as a hero because he will self-flagellate about how he’s a white male. He’s a little bit embarrassed about being a white male. He’s not embarrassed about torture. He’s not embarrassed to advocate regime change in Syria, which has cost so many innocent people’s lives. He’s not embarrassed for advocating the funding of Al-Qaeda in Syria and the rise of ISIS.

Brennan is not embarrassed for participating in regime change chaos against Libya and stoking insurrection which has led to the destruction of liberties and destruction of women all over the globe. He’s not embarrassed of any of that. He’s just going to give you a token little bumper sticker: McWokeism. “I’m embarrassed. I’m a white male.” That’s all the Left cares about, your skin color and your gender, not your moral record of violence.

See, Brennan doesn’t want to talk about his action. The media doesn’t want to talk about the reality of what he’s actually done. They want to shift the focus onto his gender and race, not his actual record of violence. Why? Because they ultimately don’t have a moral foundation at this point. Their moral foundation is that power is the ultimate good. Might makes right. And so, they have found a useful narrative right now to divide the powerless, to fight each other over who’s the most victimized race, who’s the most victimized gender, who’s the most victimized here, there, everywhere. They could get everybody like us in the real world, in the neighborhoods of America to fight over who’s the most victimized by their policy. Meanwhile, they want to normalize the torturers, the illegal surveillance, and the drone assassinations.

Do you see how they twist morality? They like throw you distractions. something that’s easy to do if you have no moral compass. They’re going to do a token self-flagellation about skin. The state will do these kinds of rituals all day long because that doesn’t require them to lose a drop of their power, a drop of their money, a drop of their control, a drop of their Machiavellian, narcissistic delusions.

That’s why I call this religion McWoke. It’s McWokeism because it’s as real and as authentic as the latest thing at McDonald’s. It is a mass manufactured, mass produced, artificial seasoned, dubious goop of a religion. People like John Brennan love this kind of stuff because it gives power to the powerful. It entrenches their power. It allows them to act like they’re having a reckoning. But are they still calling for regime change? Yes. Still calling for scoundrel insurrection with the Russiagate stuff? Yes. Still creating bloody coups that hurt  and displace millions of people all over the globe? Yes.

Nothing’s changed. It’s the same evil wickedness that they’ve been engaged in on both sides of the aisle. But they get you to say, “Oh look, it looks like there’s a reckoning because he’s saying that he’s concerned about how he’s a white male. Oh, wow!” This is only something that low-information people would be duped by. Only low information people would buy this stuff, like the target audience for MSNBC.

MSNBC used to have people who would actually talk about the fourth amendment and they would talk about declaration of war: Congress shall declare war, article one, section eight. Only Congress has the power to declare war. And if there’s not a state actor, then Congress has the right to issue a letter of right and reprisal, which is what you would do to take out a non-state entity that is posing an imminent direct threat against the American people.

But John Brennan doesn’t care about that stuff. He cares about doing the McWoke stuff, because McWoke stuff entrenches the powerful, it enriches the corporatists who exploit our labor. And it distracts people who feel like there’s a lot of things wrong, but they don’t exactly know where to look and where to figure out where it’s coming from. So that’s the deal with this fiasco.

So we need change. We need to talk about it directly. We need to talk about it honestly.

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