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Americans Betrayed Over Ukraine Bill

 David Gornoski starts the show by commenting on the $40 billion in aid being sent to Ukraine at the expense of the average American. David is joined by Lavern Spicer, Founder and Executive Director of Curley’s House food bank, who highlights how the American people are being betrayed, especially those who are poor and […]

How the Personhood Revolution Destroys Victim-Garbed Politics

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] How do we detox ourselves from a lifetime of consuming seed oils? Join David Gornoski as he answers this question and later highlights how the government’s monopoly over nutrition, medicine, and science scapegoats non-violent innovators in our society. Also in the show, David expands […]

The Way of Truth, Nonviolence & Skin in the Game

Should we retreat from the world or should we work to usher in God’s kingdom on Earth? What does the Gospel text mean when it says Jesus saved the best for last? Join David Gornoski as he brings to light the things we should be discussing instead of playing into the culture war. Should we […]

The Hidden Victims DC Doesn’t Want You to See

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 35 minutes for hour 2.] Who are the hidden victims that the government in DC doesn’t want you to know about? Will Biden’s disinformation board succeed in purging dissenting voices? What critical information are we missing about the Ukrainian army’s actions in Donetsk? Is there any justification for DC […]

How Christianity Shapes the Abortion Debate

David Gornoski starts the episode by commenting on how Christianity elevates the voices of women and how the pro-choice movement pollutes that framework. Is the abortion debate in America properly framed by both sides? Listen to the full episode as David shows what both sides are getting wrong while highlighting how pro-choicers imitate the victim-garbed […]

How Seed Oils Damaged the Health of Dogs

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Tucker Goodrich joins David Gornoski to discuss the connection between clogged arteries and seed oil consumption. What is oxidized LDL and did people have it before the introduction of seed oils in America? How have seed oils affected obesity in dogs? What is going […]

What Did Pope Francis Say About the Ukraine War?

Is Pope Francis right in his recent statements about the war in Ukraine? Why is a group of NGOs threatening to boycott Elon Musk? Is there any excuse for the Democratic party for idolizing someone like Madeleine Albright? Join David Gornoski as he reports on the latest news while commenting on the disruption that Jesus’ […]