Amy Povah, Anrica Caldwell on Those Left Behind, Keith Weiner on Debate Fallout

Why wasn’t criminal justice discussed in the debate? Amy Povah and Anrica Caldwell join David Gornoski to discuss this important question as well as the pandemic exposure in prisons across the country. Amy also highlights how Biden has, in his career, repeatedly struck down any hope of criminal justice reform and helping the victims of the drug war. Plus, Chalana McFarland, a first time offender who has served 15 years in prison, calls in to describe her home-confinement situation and her continuing fight for clemency.

Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals calls in to give us a rundown on the debate. Is there a way to unleash the market innovations that could overwhelm the anti-civilization forces in government intervention? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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