Breaking Away From Pandemic Hypnosis

 David Gornoski is joined by Dr. Phillip Triantos who recounts his experience of being hospitalized by COVID and how he recovered with the help of generic medicine. Dr. Triantos also talks about the dubious history behind Remdesivir, the financial profits behind the mandated drugs, mass formation psychology, data manipulation, and more.

David Gornoski on the Bad Roman Podcast

David Gornoski recently appeared on the Bad Roman Podcast episode titled “Changing Hearts: Heal, Develop, Share.” Here is the full audio: “David Gornoski is the host of the radio show A Neighbor’s Choice –a show that looks at politics, science, and culture through the lens of Jesus’ personhood revolution. In this episode, David shares his […]

Biden Turns CIA Crack Program Into Welfare Policy

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] David Gornoski talks about his latest Facebook ban for sharing scientific data on the mandated drugs; how Biden turned the CIA’s crack introduction program into a new welfare policy; how Ezra Levant exposed Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy; the difference between the trucker protests and the […]

Science and U: Is Telepathy Possible?

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Dr. Weiping Yu returns with Science and U. Dr. The renowned physicist offers his take on Rupert Sheldrake’s challenge to Steve Pinker on the subject of telepathy. Can the human mind transmit signals to other minds? Where did the water appear from on Earth? […]

Critical Race Theory Misconceptions

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by Felicia Killings and the two talk about Critical Race Theory, racism from progressives, collectivism vs. individual rights, what conservatives get wrong about Martin Luther King Jr, theory of enchantment, why big government is the real problem, how conservatives contributed to the increase of government, and more. Visit […]

Cathedral, Sacrifice, and the Apocalypse

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 35 minutes for hour 2.] For this episode, David Gornoski is joined by Devin Barras who talks about his Substack article on the sacrificial crisis of our time. How is the “cathedral” connected with the sacrificial crisis of the pandemic? Listen to the full episode to find out. Plus, […]

How Joe Rogan Missed an Opportunity

Why is the Mirriam Webster website changing definitions of words during this pandemic? “The TV mentality will wither away,” says David Gornoski, “but what will we replace it with?” How did Joe Rogan respond to his critics in his latest stand-up? Was Joe Rogan’s apology appropriate or was it a missed opportunity? Listen to the […]

Global Predators in the Pandemic

[Video contains both hours. Skip past approx. 45 minutes for hour 2.]  David Gornoski sits down with Dr. Peter Breggin, co-author of COVID-19 and the Global Predators. What really went on in the lab at Wuhan, China? Dr. Breggin gets to the bottom of this much-neglected question while discussing how he was targeted by […]

The Anthropology Behind the Silencing of Joe Rogan

What are some of the arguments being made in the demand to silence Joe Rogan? How is the West haunted by the crucifixion of Jesus? Are these two questions somehow connected? Join David Gornoski as he explains how the Christian story has unveiled the sausage-making of the state, why tribalism is counterproductive, the falling apart […]

The Uselessness of Lockdowns, Modern Monetary Theory Blindspots

[Video contains both hours. Skip past approx. 45 minutes for hour 2.] Jeff Deist is joined by Ryan McMaken and the two talk about how the lockdowns had next to zero effect in the pandemic. Plus, economist Robert Murphy joins the show to point out the blind spots in MMT, why deficits matter, why raising […]