The Regime and Perpetual Pandemic

Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins David Gornoski to talk about what’s happening in Florida and elsewhere. What do we make of Ron DeSantis’ plan to reestablish the Florida State Guard? Why has lockdown-free Florida become the top place for tourists? Is mask-wearing becoming permanent during travel? What do we make of the revelations […]

Science and U: Infrared to Visible Light

The International Space Station is just three years away from being retired. The largest comet ever seen delivers a surprise. A molecular device has turned infrared into visible light. What does Dr. Weiping Yu have to say on these recent science news? Listen to this full segment of Science and U to find out and […]

Why Homeschoolers Turn Out More Forgiving

David Gornoski starts the episode with a story of how a high school football player sacrificed himself to save his classmates. “Science is not meant to be trusted, it’s meant to be tested.” Have we lost our sense of wonder that gave way to so many inventions? David is joined by Kerry McDonald, author of […]

We Are Being Herded Like Cattle

David Gornoski starts the show with some analysis of the latest news stories from around the country. What happened to Chris Cuomo at CNN? How do Big Tech “fact-checkers” create narratives to deceive us on key issues? Joining David for this episode is geopolitical analyst Sir Owen. Are we being experimented on like mice? Why […]

What Causes ACL Injuries?

What’s going on with the drug mandates around the world? The first US Omicron case has been found in California and CNN has already started the fearmongering. Join David Gornoski as he deconstructs the media myths of our time. Also in the show, Tucker Goodrich calls in to discuss the cause of ACL injuries; why […]