THINGS HIDDEN 146: When These Things Come

Why is the afterlife being retrieved, but hope in a future on Earth is dwindling? Join David Gornoski and Shane Kennedy as they discuss why people are questioning humanity’s role in the world, whether Wokeism can sustain itself in light of the Gospel, the birthplace of the therapy industry, the Gospel’s influence on modern heresies, […]

THINGS HIDDEN 108: Father Turbo Qualls on Embracing Christ Through Suffering and Martyrdom

David Gornoski sits down with the returning Fr. Turbo Qualls of the Royal Path podcast for a conversation on the spirit of revolution; the chastisement of God; whether carrying our crosses enables more oppression; the calling of the African-American community; the fine line between self-worship and martyrdom; why we should embrace suffering; the spiritual implications […]

Biden’s January 6 Myth Falls Apart, Turning Scapegoats to Neighbors

Did Joe Biden just torpedo the Left’s entire January 6 narrative? What is the anthropological significance of Biden’s words, “the will of the people was under attack?” What do the political elites mean when they say “misinformation?” Listen to the full show as David Gornoski deconstructs the last vestige of ancient mythmaking based around collective […]

David Calls Out Ben Shapiro

David Gornoski comments on Wokeness’ inability to forgive, Ben Shapiro’s admission about the vaccines, John Fetterman’s condition after his debate, and more.

Daszak Gets Another Grant, The Failing Religion of McWokeism

The NIAID needs to be DEAD, David Gornoski says as he comments on Peter Daszak getting another grant to study bat coronaviruses. Also in the show, David comments on the disastrous opening of Bros, how our society is fighting back against fundamentalist Wokeism, how the anthropological gospel of imitating Jesus changes the world, and more.

Woke Conspiracy Theories vs. the Gospel

David Gornoski comments on the recent news surrounding the judge ruling on Steve Bannon. Also in the show, David offers his insights on Woke conspiracy theories being taught in schools, how Christianity heals our fractured society, why we must stay involved in our local communities, censored news on the state-decreed drugs, how we can fight […]

The Vindication of Sgt. Ray Jennings

Are Americans growing more and more indifferent to corporate activism, i.e. Wokiesm? Join David Gornoski as he reflects on this question. David also talks about the vindication of a scapegoat named Ray Jennings, the errors of profiling, and the seeping redemption of Christianity. How does Christianity redeem cultures through the defense of scapegoats? Listen to […]